Unlock IoT Success: 10 Commandments & Cloud Solutions

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In the era of digital transformation, industries across the board are embracing the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) (and digital twins) to optimize processes, create new products, and enhance efficiency. Whether you’re in heavy machinery, workforce tracking, or any other sector, we want to bring back the ten commandments of IoT from our CEO to guide you toward sustainable growth.

1. Be paranoid on security

In the digital realm, intellectual property resides in algorithms controlling physical objects. Prioritize security, continuously enhance defenses, authenticate and audit all transactions, and, above all, ensure customer data control. It’s all about trust.

2. Ensure scalability

Especially for those processing data from millions of customers, scalability is critical, both technically and financially. Ensure your business model can sustain growth as data and algorithms multiply.

3. Design your product as global

Global reach in networks and data centers is essential. Avoid the headache of building separate backends in different regions or countries.

4. Build and develop multiple watchdogs and failover mechanisms

In the vast world of global communication, glitches are inevitable. Build multiple watchdogs and failover mechanisms to safeguard your operations.

5. Prepare for ever faster release cycles

Prepare for rapid product updates and ensure your provider can keep pace, allowing simultaneous rollouts across multiple regions.

6. Build for always-on operation

In IoT, downtime is not an option. Your IoT provider should guarantee 24/7/365 operations using resilient infrastructure.

7. Store the raw data

Nest algorithms can lead to systemic errors. Maintain original data for error correction and future insights, including the potential application of neural networks and AI.

8. Build telemetry to everything

Customers will find unique uses for your products; learn from their experiences by evolving your telemetry and debugging interfaces.

9. Maintain and grow your intellectual property

In the IoT world, where multiple stakeholders are involved, robust intellectual property management is crucial for long-term success.

10. Build in sustainability

Ensure your core suppliers’ strategies align with your product roadmap to prevent product obsolescence.


Incorporate these commandments into your IoT strategy, and you’ll be well-prepared to transform your products into intelligent services and drive sustainable business growth. As the saying goes, better and real-time information gives you the edge.

When it comes to building and managing IoT applications, not all clouds are created equal. Many providers claim to have their own clouds but often rely on virtual servers from third parties. This approach may work for small-scale projects, but for real scalability and sustainability, you need a comprehensive solution.

Building Your IoT on a Solid Foundation

To truly harness the potential of IoT, you need a robust and reliable foundation. BaseN Platform, with its fully distributed and resilient architecture, is the perfect platform for real and sustainable IoT and digital twins. When BaseN talks about its own cloud, it’s the real thing from the ground up, and we take full responsibility for our full stack. This includes physical servers, networking equipment, global IP addressing and routing, and unified operating systems.

One of our more technical customers aptly put it: “They’re not just another AWS wrapper like most of them, but a real thing.

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