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Carrier Networks

BaseN’s significant differentiating features of monitoring critical network infrastructure are scalability, fault-tolerant architecture, broad multivendor support, and easy adding of equipment and service templates. The BaseN service can combine IP, IT, ICT, and even energy monitoring into one unified view.

With over 2000 templates in our library, we enable network managers to get the increased, deep performance visibility that they require to ensure flawless operations.

Switch Monitoring ​

Monitor the health and performance with traffic control and switch mapping to identify connected devices

Router Monitoring​

Get critical insights on router performance with metrics like errors, utilization, routing status and health

Firewall Monitoring​

Identify pro-actively internal & external security threats & issues at an early stage by monitoring important firewall metrics that play a critical role in the efficient firewall performance

Layer 2 discovery and mapping​

Use the L2 network mapping to visualize and pinpoint network outages and performance degradation

SNMP monitoring​

Detect and manage devices to gain insights into performance to ensure the health of the network

Load balancers

Load balancers act as a reverse proxy that distributes network or application traffic across a number of servers. The devices are used to increase capacity and reliability of applications

Enterprise Networks

BaseN provides several alternatives of open northbound APIs (including REST and JDBC) for obtaining not only fault and performance management data but also the raw measurements for external use. BaseN Platform is capable of control functions such as distributed software upgrades or complex end-to-end network configuration.

End-to-end performance monitoring and fault identification with pin-point root cause analysis and SLA tracking for large enterprise ICT, service provider networks, including LTE/4G/5G operators. Additionally, support for load disaggregation, and fault and performance monitoring of the IP/ICT fabric itself is available. ​

Server monitoring

Monitor relevant server metrics such as server and software performance, availability and configuration changes

IT device and infrastructure monitoring

Monitor your infrastructure and all connected devices to avoid down time


By monitoring the uninterrupted power supply (UPS), we ensure that all critical components in your network are up and running without outages

Real-time and historical data

Identify errors or spikes in real time to avoid errors. Use historical data to predict performance, capacity, or any other issues

Security Monitoring & Control

BaseN Platform includes full-fledged support for real-time detection, in-depth analysis, and control of several types of network and systems security threats and cyberattacks. BaseN offers a complete SaaS-based monitoring solution for Security Monitoring and Control that has already been used extensively to protect and safeguard networks globally by identifying numerous different types of malicious behaviors, and cyberattacks on systems, devices, and networks typically used in cyber warfare scenarios.

BaseN’s fine-grained traffic analysis is fundamentally based on the detection of anomalies and alerting of discrepancies originating from the occurrence of suspicious thresholds. By monitoring traffic patterns across many measurement points, BaseN can alert on changed traffic patterns and/or any combination of traffic patterns across CDN (Content Delivery Network) scenarios. A multitude of security attack types can be detected as reflected by abnormal performance behaviors in devices, in systems, and across complex networks.

Due to our load balancing and traffic analysis, you will easily detect anomalies in your network

By offering also the foundation layer, you can run customized scripts, algorithms and applications for cyber attack protection

Real-time data analysis and historical data access allows you to collect and create fingerprints

Detect potential eavesdropping with our extensive autodiscovery function

Our firewall data analysis easily reveals unauthorized port scanning

*CDN - Content Delivery Network
*CDNI - Content Delivery Network Interconnection

Optimize your speed and transmission cost and analyse your traffic

With our encryption and certificate management and monitoring, we provide powerful ways of detecting unauthorized encryption and certificates

Our DNS monitoring enables you to have an overview of your entire domain (DNS) infrastructure

Easy detection of unauthorized hosts that are added to your network. Our routing analysis and measurements allow you to detect unauthorized routing announcements.

Our extensive switch monitoring enables you to quickly detect ARP flooding

Our VLAN configuration monitoring enables you to ensure that there are no unauthorized VLANs and switches, routers, and hosts are accepting only authorized VLANs

We can monitor buffers in an extensive amount of telecom devices with ease

BaseN Platform: Empowering Your IoT and Digital Twins Solutions

Are you facing challenges in managing your Internet of Things (IoT) network? Looking for comprehensive data storage and analytics solutions? Seeking end-to-end performance monitoring for your complex networks? BaseN Platform has you covered.

Our versatile platform works as a common ground for various Industrial Internet (IIoT) and IoT applications, supporting businesses across diverse verticals. With BaseN, you further gain full control of your physical assets, processes, and systems as digital twins, enabling real-time monitoring and comprehensive data analysis.

Device communications

Discover new ways to communicate and configure devices while monitoring your entire IoT network’s health and status

Data storage and failover

Store, process, and analyze vast amounts of data with failover mechanisms for uninterrupted operations

Data and analytics processing

Collect, analyze, and transform data with advanced parallel processing, empowering you with maximum computational power

End-to-end performance monitoring

Gain complete visibility of your network’s functionality by observing every node and connection

Remote monitoring

Efficiently monitor client endpoints, networks, and computers to control extensive facilities and complex networks

Customized user portals

Experience powerful analytics in personalized user portals, offering at-a-glance insights

Digital twin excellence

Enable digital twins of anything, storing and evolving on our platform to continuously innovate and grow businesses

Other capabilities

Serving billions of users and connected devices with ease, BaseN Platform is designed for businesses with millions of individual customers.

BaseN Platform behaves as a data factory, filtering, inspecting, and processing collected raw data to extract maximum value.

BaseN Platform empowers businesses to transform physical products into intelligent services through next-generation digital twins, enabling innovation and growth.

Gain unique insights tailored to different stakeholders, backed by automatic actions and predictive machine learning features.

Easily add customizations and modifications to the platform as your business evolves and expands.

Ensure freedom to integrate with various devices and systems, preventing vendor lock-in and supporting adaptability.

BaseN Platform

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