IoT & Digital Twin: Unlocking Growth in Construction

The construction industry has been slow to embrace digital transformation, but the tide is turning. According to a KPMG survey, 95% of construction companies believe that emerging technologies, including IoT and digital twins, will fundamentally change the industry. In this article, we will explore the compelling reasons for construction companies to adopt IoT solutions, including digital twins, to address challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Enhancing safety and security with IoT

Worksite access control 

Efficient worksite access management is crucial for safety and security. IoT-based access control systems track authorized personnel and restrict access to specific areas, enhancing security and mitigating risks.

Optimizing construction timelines and costs

Meeting construction timelines and costs 

In the competitive construction market, meeting project timelines and controlling costs are paramount. IoT solutions empower project managers with real-time data from connected devices and sensors, enabling better decision-making, resource allocation, and improved project coordination for enhanced efficiency and adherence to budgets.

Proactive maintenance and equipment optimization

Repair, replacement & maintenance needs detection 

Equipment breakdowns can cause significant delays and costs. IoT-enabled data collection and predictive analysis identify potential issues in advance, allowing proactive scheduling of repairs, replacements, and maintenance, optimizing efficiency and reducing downtime.

Embracing sustainability with IoT solutions

Zero-waste and sustainable construction practices 

Sustainability is crucial in construction. IoT solutions enable real-time data collection and monitoring of waste management practices, leading to waste reduction strategies, optimized resource utilization, and progress towards zero-waste and sustainable practices.

Ensuring worker safety in emergency situations

Quick responses to incidents 

In emergencies, real-time location tracking of workers is vital for ensuring safety. IoT-based systems facilitate smooth evacuations, prioritizing worker safety and minimizing risks.

BaseN: Empowering Construction Industry with Secure and Reliable Solutions 

At BaseN, we understand the construction industry’s challenges and have developed comprehensive solutions to address them. Our platform ensures unparalleled data security, powerful analytics capabilities, and proven reliability in IoT and digital twins solutions.

Enhanced data security

Data privacy and security are paramount at BaseN. Our full stack IoT and Digital Twin platform operates independently, providing the utmost protection for customer data, ensuring peace of mind.

Unleashing the power of data analytics

BaseN Platform offers powerful analytics through customized user portals. It collects, analyzes, and models data to provide meaningful insights, unlocking the full potential of data for informed decision-making.

Proven reliability in IoT solutions 

Doubts surrounding the reliability of technology solutions, including IoT, are common. However, our BaseN Platform has served as a trusted foundation for a wide range of Industrial Internet and IoT applications. We support customers across various IoT verticals for years, demonstrating our expertise and reliability. On BaseN, you can embrace technology with confidence, knowing that our solutions have stood the test of time.

Seamless integration for business success

Integrating IoT solutions into your business processes shouldn’t be a daunting endeavor. BaseN Platform is designed to be mission critical, offering unparalleled flexibility and the ability to handle millions of transactions per second from any device or source in real time. Our seamless integration capabilities ensure a smooth transition, enabling you to unlock the benefits of IoT swiftly and efficiently. On BaseN, you can accelerate your time-to-market and stay ahead of the competition. 

Commercial scalability at your fingertips

BaseN Platform empowers rapid expansion and adaptability, allowing construction companies to seize opportunities and drive innovation.

BaseN's solutions to challenges faced with adopting IoT technology in the construction industry

BaseN’s Solutions in the Construction Industry – CrewSight Revolutionizes Construction

One of the remarkable applications developed on BaseN Platform is CrewSight, designed to optimize processes and enhance security on construction sites. CrewSight leverages the power of IoT, digital twins, and RFID technology to provide full insight into a construction site, ensuring efficient access management and real-time monitoring. 

Enhanced process optimization and overall security 

Since its launch in 2016, CrewSight, the next-generation IoT environment for the construction industry and the first full digital twin of a construction site, has brought significant improvements in process optimization and overall security at construction sites. Managing approximately more than 100 thousand workers, CrewSight has effectively enhanced safety measures and streamlined operations. The number of workers being managed with CrewSight continues to grow, further reinforcing its success. 

Tight tracking of progress and labor optimization 

CrewSight, powered on BaseN Platform, enables construction projects managers to closely track project progress, identify discrepancies, and optimize the work process. This capability is crucial for controlling labor costs, which can contribute up to 40% of total project costs. By leveraging real-time data and analytics provided by BaseN Platform, CrewSight empowers construction companies to make informed decisions and improve construction efficiency. 

Real-time tracking and scalability 

CrewSight offers real-time tracking of labor and tools, providing construction stakeholders with valuable insights into resource utilization. Moreover, BaseN’s flexible and scalable system ensures easy deployment and management of the solution. This flexibility allows construction companies to adapt to project requirements and efficiently monitor multiple construction sites from a single web portal, optimizing supervision and monitoring efforts. 

Employee safety and COVID-19 compliance 

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, CrewSight played a crucial role in ensuring employee safety. The solution enabled managers to monitor and enforce safety protocols, such as maintaining social distancing and adhering to capacity limits in specific areas. BaseN Platform assisted construction sites operators to maintain a safe work environment for construction workers during these challenging times. 

Contribution to industry growth 

The construction industry in the United States is expected to experience a growth rate of 3.7% in 2022, with continued growth projected in the foreseeable future. CrewSight, powered by BaseN, plays a vital role in the industry’s development by providing modern site access control and efficient workforce management.  

Learn more about our customer case: Trimble 

Embracing a Digital Future with BaseN 

Embracing IoT and digital twins in construction unlocks growth, efficiency, and innovation. By partnering with reliable providers like BaseN, construction companies can unlock new possibilities, address challenges, and propel themselves toward a successful digital future. BaseN’s secure and reliable solutions, coupled with CrewSight’s real-world application, demonstrate the potential for growth and success in the construction industry’s digital transformation journey.

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