BaseN Platform: The Ultimate ICT Monitoring Solution

Learn about how BaseN Platform simplifies your ICT complexity here.

BaseN Platform: Your Go-To Solution for ICT Monitoring 

BaseN Platform has become a trailblazer in ICT monitoring, boasting powerful features and capabilities. This article delves into BaseN’s versatile use cases and explores the key features that contribute to its seamless implementation. 

Enhancing Situational Awareness with Location Map and Real-time Alerting 

BaseN Platform offers an intuitive location map, presenting a real-time overview of network operations. Devices are automatically mapped based on location details, granting operators a visual representation of the network’s operational status. Real-time alerts ensure timely awareness of failures, bolstering overall network availability. Operators gain a comprehensive view on one screen, elevating productivity and response times. 

Maintaining Service Learning Agreements (SLAs) with Quality of Service Monitoring  

BaseN’s IssueManager presents an operational status overview and problem details, prioritized according to user-defined criteria. This feature empowers organizations to uphold service level agreements by closely monitoring alerts and promptly resolving issues. Root cause analysis aids in identifying problem sources, reducing secondary alerts, and enhancing problem resolution. 

Comprehensive Monitoring  

BaseN’s expansive device template library comprises over 2000 templates, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of diverse equipment. The platform actively gathers measurement data and status information from a wide array of devices, including network and data center equipment, smart meters, and even home energy devices. This unified view of IP, IT, ICT, and energy monitoring allows organizations to gain invaluable insights into their entire infrastructure. 

A Foundation for Performance and Status Monitoring 

BaseN Platform’s scalable architecture enables flexible expansion of reception capability and storage capacity. The services layer, based on a dynamic service scheme, adapts to meet evolving needs. The web-based user interface, multi-layer access scheme, and programmable logic provide a robust foundation for performance monitoring. Additionally, the platform offers open APIs, allowing customers real-time access to fault and performance management data. 

Portals for Customers with Performance Data 

BaseN Platform’s customer portal grants customers read access to pertinent platform pages tailored to their specific requirements. The portal’s flexibility allows customization with logos, colors, and style sheets. Performance and SLA reports, online help, and contact information enrich the customer experience, providing invaluable insights into the services provided. 


BaseN Platform: The Ultimate Solution for Your ICT Complexity 

BaseN Platform distinguishes itself with its scalable architecture, fault-tolerant design, multivendor support, easy integration of equipment and service templates, and cost-effectiveness as a cloud-based SaaS service. Leveraging BaseN’s innovative features, organizations achieve situational awareness, maintain SLAs, efficiently monitor data centers, ensure performance and status monitoring, and provide customers with valuable performance data. BaseN Platform empowers businesses to optimize operations, enhance reliability, and unlock the full potential of their ICT infrastructure. 

Learn more about how BaseN Platform simplifies your ICT complexity here.
A colorful infographic exploring various use cases for ICT (Information and Communication Technology) monitoring with BaseN Platform

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