Common Questions Answered: Exploring BaseN Platform (Part 2)

Common Questions Answered: Learn the Power of BaseN Platform

We are back with the continuation of our series on the common inquiries regarding BaseN and its platform. The first part shed light on the platform’s capabilities, security measures, scalability, reporting features, and customization options. 

In this part, we’ll delve further into technical support, pricing plans, trial options, training resources, and customer references. Let’s dive right into some more frequently asked questions:

6. What level of technical support do you offer for your platform? Is it available 24/7?

At BaseN, we pride ourselves on offering top-notch technical support to our customers. We understand that businesses operate around the clock, and so does our support. Our comprehensive engineering support, development resources, and 24×7 troubleshooting are here to ensure uninterrupted operation and prompt fault management. Our follow-the-sun Service Operations Center (SOC) model staffed by experts collaborates with partner Tier 1 & 2 support centers and handles all escalations. With BaseN Qualified Engineers (BQE) in the SOC providing third-level support, companies can rest assured that their technical queries will be addressed effectively. Plus, we actively monitor service desk performance to ensure customer satisfaction.

7. What are the different pricing plans available?

The pricing for BaseN Platform service is designed to be flexible and aligned with businesses’ needs. It’s based on the number of committed transactions per second that the platform’s data collectors handle, along with a base fee. Committed transactions refer to configured measurements and controls on the platform. What’s unique is that customers only incur costs when these committed measurements and controls are set up. Our Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) is structured in tiers of committed transactions, allowing businesses to choose what suits their requirements. Additional One Time Charges (OTC) may apply at the start of a new project. We are also open to customizing solutions to meet customers’ specific pricing needs. Talk to us for more information. 

8. Is there a trial period or demo available to evaluate the platform’s suitability for our needs?

We believe in showcasing our platform’s capabilities tailored to businesses. While we don’t offer a traditional trial period, we provide customized demo sessions that align with their unique needs. BaseN Platform is designed to be versatile and easily integrated into companies’ existing systems using our universal APIs. Instead of a trial, we offer standardized ready modules and interfaces that allow for the swift deployment of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). With our approach, businesses can start globally within weeks and seamlessly scale as they grow.

📌 Before scheduling a demo with us, get a quick overview of the platform here. 

9. What training and onboarding resources do you offer for our teams to get up to speed with your platform? Is there a training program or documentation available?

We always do our best to ensure that companies’ transition to BaseN Platform is smooth and efficient. Our flexible deployment options, including public clouds, private dedicated clouds, and hybrids, are designed to fit their unique needs. We handle architecture, hardware, and project management during deployment, as well as ongoing operations, maintenance, and capacity planning. Our support extends to assisting companies in starting, defining specifications, deploying alongside them or their partners, and offering continuous support with real-time help systems.

Collaboration is key. And we work with any business to create documentation tailored to their specific solutions.

10. Can you provide references from other customers who have implemented your platform?

Absolutely! We’re proud to have served customers in over 80 countries, with a track record of managing millions of data points from countless sources across 12 data centers globally. Explore right on our website homepage real-world use cases from two of our customers, showcasing how we’ve helped them scale and succeed.

We hope this second installment of “Common Questions Answered: Learn the Power of BaseN Platform” has been helpful. With our dedication to support, transparent pricing, innovative demo sessions, tailored training resources, and a track record of successful implementations, we offer a unique opportunity for businesses to harness the power of data-driven operations. By hosting your business on BaseN Platform, businesses open the door to a world of possibilities where their operations are optimized, their decisions are enlightened, and their growth is accelerated. BaseN Platform is the key to a future defined by efficiency, innovation, and excellence. Talk to us today!

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