• See everything at a glance, fix issues quickly

    Providing Telcos, Enterprises, Integrators, Manufacturers, Energy Companies, and More with Full Situational Awareness

  • Next-Generation Digital Twins for everything that matters to you

    From Networks to Factories To Processes to Individual Products

  • BaseN Platform

    a standardized platform for digital twins that can efficiently manage billions of datapoints on a global scale
  • See everything at a glance, fix issues quickly

    Providing Telcos, Enterprises, Integrators, Manufacturers, Energy Companies, and More with Full Situational Awareness

    See everything at a glance, fix issues quickly
  • Next-Generation Digital Twins for everything that matters to you

    From Networks To Factories To Processes To Individual Products

    Next-Generation Digital Twins for everything that matters to you
  • BaseN Platform

    a standardized platform for digital twins that can efficiently manage billions of datapoints on a global scale

    BaseN Platform

Our Services

providing mission critical situational awareness
for the following distributed sectors


Where computing and communication resources are spread across multiple locations or nodes​
• content delivery networks (CDNs)
• Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks
• distributed cloud computing
• sensor networks
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• wireless mesh networks
• telecommunication networks
• internet
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Industrial Assets

Physical assets or resources that are geographically dispersed across different locations within an industrial setting
• manufacturing equipment
• warehousing and inventory
• power generation and distribution
• oil and gas infrastructure
• communication towers and antennas (important assets of telecommunication networks)
• water and wastewater infrastructure
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Site Management

Managing multiple sites or locations in a decentralized manner
• construction projects
• manufacturing plants
• retail chains
• hospitality and hotel chains
• restaurant franchises
• healthcare facilities
• education institutions
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Public Infrastructures

Deployment of interconnected systems and resources that serve the public and contribute to the efficient management and utilization of these services
• smart city networks
• parking management systems
• electric vehicle (EV) charging stations
• intelligent trash bins
• energy distribution networks
• renewable energy microgrids
• public wi-fi hotspots
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Next-Generation Digital Twins are at the core of your digital transformation

monitoring critical network infrastructure

Challenges with Scalability and Capacity Planning?

As organizations grow, their ICT infrastructure must scale accordingly to accommodate increased demands. Inadequate scalability can result in performance issues, downtime, or overspending on unnecessary resources.

BaseN Platform

and its versatility

Monitoring and control platform
for ICT, M2M and IoT

  • Root cause analysis
    Define, analyze, solve
  • Predictive analysis
    Transforming data into future insights
  • Traffic analysis
    Comprehensive real-time performance overview

Security as a core value

  • Secure connection
        • The connection between the user and the platform is encrypted
        • Connections between agents and the Platform are encrypted
        • Connections from the agent to the monitored targets are encrypted
  • Works with existing systems
        • Login from current AD, ADFS2 or most common SSO systems
        • Role-based access control
  • Event Log
        • The administrator can check from the logs: who, what, where and when.

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We serve customers in 80+ countries

A proven track record of being the engine for managing millions of data points from countless sources, out of 12 data centers globally

Customer Use Cases

Explore these 2 customer’s use cases and see how we help them scale

Different Industries

  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Maritime
  • Energy
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Telco


In this realm of site management, such as construction sites, where the movement of people and objects is constant, ensuring safety, optimizing throughput, and maintaining situational awareness are critical factors. BaseN, a trusted provider of the IoT and Digital Twin BaseN Platform, offers a powerful tool that enables operators to effectively manage distributed sites by enhancing situational awareness and streamlining operations.


To meet customer expectations and provide proactive support, businesses need real-time data and actionable insights. BaseN, a trusted provider of the IoT and Digital Twin BaseN Platform, offers a reliable and comprehensive toolset to optimize asset performance (i.e. cars), and exceed customer requirements.


By leveraging the power of digital twins, BaseN enables you to take a proactive approach to asset management, such as of rotor sails. Real-time data and insights help you identify potential issues before they escalate, allowing you to provide timely support and prevent costly downtime. Additionally, no matter the challenging sea conditions, the platform excels at handling millions of measurements every minute. It allows you to seamlessly track the complete lifecycle of assets (i.e. ships), including their various components and associated equipment, such as gas handling processes.

smart grid reliability


BaseN enables managing energy efficiency of a variety of applications and services. BaseN Platform gathers measurement data from smart meters, renewable energy sources, inverters, transformers, and any other energy device that collects or sends data. With its powerful analytics, BaseN Platform displays the collected data in an easily understandable, concise and relevant way – real-time and historically. BaseN further offers its customers a price forecast for the coming day in order to save costs.


Ensuring optimal asset performance is crucial for manufacturing businesses. BaseN Digital Twin and IoT Platform enables manufacturers to collect and analyze measurements, providing valuable insights into asset health and performance. By monitoring key parameters and contextualizing equipment data, manufacturers gain a holistic understanding of operational status. On BaseN Platform, manufacturing companies can transform their business model from products to innovative services.


In retail, businesses often operate multiple physical locations, such as stores or outlets, which require effective management and coordination. Digital twins thus offer retail businesses a powerful tool to optimize flows and operations. By leveraging the data collected through the digital twin, stakeholders can identify areas of congestion or inefficiencies and implement appropriate measures to optimize operations. This proactive approach helps to enhance throughput, reduce delays, and improve overall operational efficiency.


BaseN Platform is a versatile Telco performance management system, uniting existing technologies under a resilient and mission-critical umbrella. With advanced root cause analysis and seamless integration, it ensures uninterrupted services. As part of the distributed ICT networks sector, the telecommunication industry relies on BaseN Platform to deliver optimal services, anticipate challenges, and maintain a competitive edge.

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Digital Twinning in the 6G Era

BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri to share insights on next generation Digital Twins in the 6G Era” at Business Finland’s vertical industry day.BaseN is proud to

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BaseN Platform empowers businesses to achieve a shorter time to market for their products or services. As a reliable digital twin and IoT platform, BaseN Platform is a solid foundation to implement any business innovations and even entirely new business models. With established infrastructure, development tools, scalability, integration capabilities, testing processes, and continuous updates, the platform removes the difficulties that hindered previous innovations. Businesses can thus revolutionize their industries and achieve goals faster on BaseN, instead of spending significant time building their platforms. 

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With the capabilities of a digital twin and IoT platform, BaseN Platform provides real-time insights and comprehensive monitoring of critical assets, enabling mission-critical and situational awareness. Businesses can thus proactively monitor and detect anomalies or failures, taking immediate action to prevent downtime and ensure service continuity. This enhances business performance, minimizes disruptions, meets customer expectations, and builds a strong business reputation.

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By leveraging BaseN Platform, businesses can achieve significant cost reductions through efficient maintenance practices and optimized services. With data-driven insights and predictive maintenance capabilities, businesses can identify and address issues before they escalate, minimizing downtime and reducing repair costs. Businesses further enhance the reliability and availability of their assets, reducing the likelihood of unplanned outages and associated costs. Extended asset lifespan is another benefit of reduced lifecycle costs. Businesses can reduce the need for premature replacements and save capital expenditures.

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With over 20 years of experience, BaseN excels in creating a comprehensive understanding of a business’s operational environment through digital twins. By leveraging BaseN Platform, businesses can gain early awareness of potential failure situations, enabling proactive measures, optimized maintenance, and efficient resource allocation. Ensuring uninterrupted services is also essential for businesses to meet service level agreements (SLAs) and maintain customer satisfaction. By detecting and addressing failure situations before they impact service delivery, businesses can avoid costly disruptions, preserve their reputation for reliability, and retain customer loyalty.

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