A Unified Platform for the Ever-expanding IoT Ecosystem
real businesses run on BaseN, full-scale industrial operator for your digital services
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From Deluges of Data to Critical Signal Identification
easily navigate your hundreds of thousands of measurement targets producing fault and performance information
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Unified Overview of Your Entire Monitored Environment
your real time insights to the operational status of your entire network
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The core of the platform consists of data reception and storage components optimized for scalability, high volume and replication.


Device registration, fault and performance management, powerful analytics services for any collected data

act upon

Acting on processed data, managing alarms and alerts, acting on SLAs, efficiently managing even the most complex error situations


Show the data in a relevant and easy to understand way with different levels of detail for different user groups (admins, end users, etc.)

nBlog / news / events

Rust and Chernobyl

During my teenage years in Helsinki’s Puistola, next to my beloved and now endangered Malmi airport, two events had special impact to my thinking and world view.


BaseN is happy to announce it’s 6th annual IoT conference SPIME2020. The conference will take place on November 23, starting at 12:00 EET and the registration is still open .

Future of Robotics in Finland

Ethics for autonomous robots in military and law enforcement – BaseN CEO leads panel discussion at the IEEE Future of Robotics in Finland Seminar.

Full situational awareness at all time

deep real-time root cause analysis to let you focus on what matters

at-a-glance insights to your telecommunication, networking, applications, security elements, end user availability

different degrees of data insight among different personnel of the same organization

ensuring 365/24/7 availability of your critical infrastructure


BaseN was established in 2001 to provide extremely scalable and fault-tolerant network and service management systems for telecom operators and large multinational enterprises.

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