Norsepower and BaseN Further Spearhead the Expansion of Green Shipping

Sustainable IoT innovation: rotor sails

Norsepower, a leading manufacturer of rotor sails, and BaseN, a global full-stack IoT operator, further advance sustainable shipping through innovative IoT solutions. By integrating traditional sail technology with modern data-driven capabilities, Norsepower aims to significantly reduce the environmental impact of the shipping industry.

Norsepower’s success as a rotor sail manufacturer has led to expand its groundbreaking solution on an additional five ships. Norsepower will leverage BaseN’s expertise to house all data and digital twins on BaseN Platform, to ensure seamless operations.

BaseN’s advanced IoT technology enables the processing and automation of complex rotor sail parameters, facilitating efficient, user-friendly, and reliable operations across various ship types. The cooperation allows Norsepower to leverage BaseN’s comprehensive integration and connectivity services, ensuring continuous and secure operations.

Norsepower and BaseN represent a significant milestone in sustainable IoT innovation for sail technology. By implementing Digital Twins of Norsepower’s rotor sails on BaseN Platform, large ships can achieve greater resource efficiency, sustainability, and environmental friendliness.

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