With Digitalization to Planetary Sustainability

SPIME2022, the 8th annual SPIME event hosted by BaseN, took place virtually on November 16th. This year’s theme “With Digitalization to Planetary Sustainability” reflected well the current global efforts to build a more sustainable future.

SPIME2022 brought together a unique speaker line-up to tackle the many divers angles of this year’s theme: Juan Rico (Head of Business Development IoT at TEKA Group), Toni Mattila (Head of Sustainable Manufacturing at Business Finland), Cristian Paun (Global Digital Strategist at DuPont), Shannon Katcher (Vice President, Digital Innovations at GTI Energy), and Maria Svantemark (CEO & Co-Founder at SustainLab).

Our President & CEO, Pasi Hurri, opened the event with his speech on, “The future is set with digital twins”. Our next speaker, Juan Rico delivered a speech about smart homes and how digitalization plays a role in its complex energy ecosystem from a home appliance manufacturer’s view. Toni Mattila discussed about the twin transition in manufacturing industries. He elaborated on what it meant to be economically and environmentally sustainable.

The line-up continued with our next speaker, Cristian Paun, who clearly expressed the need for innovations to stay competitive and relevant in the business world. His speech conveyed messages on how to design and transform businesses, starting with defining what your winning aspiration would be, what capabilities you’d need to win and the technologies required. Shannon Katcher then joined us and delivered her speech on the role of data and digitalization in the energy transition. She highlighted that to cope with highly complex and constantly changing energy transitions, software automation and digital solutions are essentials. The last speaker of our event, Maria Svantemark, showcased how to accelerate our sustainability transition with data and AI. She particularly underlined how our actions of today were critical to determining what would happen in the next 7 years [until 2030].

Our CEO, Pasi Hurri, concluded the event by summarizing the key insights and take aways.

Since 2015, BaseN has brought together customers, partners, and academia alike to outline the importance of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital twins. Our SPIME2022 conference brought a global audience of professionals together from the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Georgia, Denmark, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Finland, Australia and so on.

We’ll see you again at #SPIME2023!

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