Digital Fabric of Sustainable Reality

While Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse ideas seem ambitious and foreign to the contemporary Facebook user, his vision has quite some merit what comes to our digital reality in future.

Virtual reality helmets, haptic interfaces and even neural implant connections may sound like science fiction for us now, but the same applied to touch-screen displays only a few years before they (unfortunately) became the norm (I’ve never liked them, lacking the dexterity to write fast on them compared to qwerty-keyboard).

Since the first industrial revolution we first exploited our planet ruthlessly, consuming fossil fuels and destroying vital rain forests like there’s no tomorrow. For the last 50 or so years, however, we’ve had this digital technology to digitally record and track our things and actions, while it was initially used just to boost the uncontrolled resource wasting.

Today, we are acutely and painfully aware of our effect to the planet, which in my opinion makes us ultimately responsible for creating a far more sustainable way of business and living in general. In my view, nothing should be created or manufactured without a sustainable Digital Twin, which tracks the whole lifecycle of any thing, ensuring resource recycling, safety and environmental soundness.

And yes, I mean everything – from toothpicks to cars, from pizzas to drones. But it’s not only about fixing our past recklessness and idiotism what comes to our planet. We are also responsible for ensuring that our current technological wisdom is stored and available for all future generations, so that they never repeat our near-planet-destroying habits, when e.g. colonizing Mars and other nearby, future homes.



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