Often when we initiate a customer project, our service design process quickly reveals the roadmap for transforming the existing physical product into a combined digital service. In other words, it is already clear what are we creating the digital twin of.

However, the most intriguing cases are the ones where it takes some time to define the new digital fabric, while this process usually generates totally new concepts, business models and hence revenue streams.

Meta, Facebook’s ‘re-emerged’ mother company, talks enthusiastically about metaverse, where physical and digital experiences intermigle and leave trail in their entertainment-laden monetisation environment.

Most people using the Internet have a plethora of profiles in different services, related to social media, product registration, support contracts, warranty, foor delivery, taxi services and whatnot. More often than not these profiles are incomplete one-offs, producing annoying spam emails every now and then.

Meta’s quest is only beginning, but I believe that they are on to something. However, creating a trustworthy, secure and sustainable digital twin of.. a human is no easy feat.

In more than one of our new digital twin cases we’ve concluded that the customer, human, is the ultimate thing to be twinned – with trust, consent and right to be forgotten. Unless Meta stays in the entertainment realm, we may see each other bidding on the same customers.

In the pursuit of digital twins, a fundamental ethical challenge arises — the delicate balance between innovation and privacy. As we embark on the journey of twinning human experiences, ensuring trust, consent, and the right to be forgotten becomes paramount. Meta’s ambitious quest into the metaverse highlights the pressing need for responsible data management and safeguarding user rights. The evolution of the digital twin concept necessitates a comprehensive approach that not only marvels at technological achievements but also upholds the values of individual privacy and autonomy. As the metaverse unfolds, the complex interplay of innovation and ethics will shape the course of creating sustainable, secure, and harmonious digital human counterparts.

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