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With Digitalization to Planetary Sustainability

#SPIME2022 occurred on 16th of November


Pasi Hurri

President and CEO, BaseN Oy

Since establishing BaseN Corporation in 2001, Pasi Hurri has been holding the position of Chief Executive Office. He is also the largest shareholder of the company. Pasi Hurri is also a visiting lecturer and expert speaker, e.g. at IEEE and several universities. Prior to founding BaseN, Mr. Hurri presided the engineering effort of the KPNQwest Eurorings network, then the largest pan-European carrier transporting more than 50% of the Internet traffic. Mr. Hurri also was the Chairman of FICIX, the Finnish Commercial Internet Exchange, and a Member of the Board of Directors at Academica Oy, now part of Equinix.

Maria Svantemark

Co-Founder and CEO, SustainLab

Maria is a changemaker for sustainability and equality, and started her career as Sustainability Manager for Findus Nordic, where she was part of the Nordic Board from the age of 28. Maria has since been featured on Aktuell Hållbarhet’s ‘33 under 33’ list of Sweden’s top young sustainability talents, and Fairforce’s global list of Top 100 Green Data Driven Professionals, among other accolades.

Juan Rico

Head of Business Development IoT, TEKA Group

Juan Rico holds a degree in Telecommunication Degree and a  Master degree in Communication in Mobile Networks and ICT both from the University of Cantabria.
During the last 15 years he has been involved in the development of M2M and IoT technologies covering multiple layers of the communication stack and industry verticals, but with a strong involvement in Smart Cities, Smart Home and Energy. He has complemented his technical background with business and leadership competencies from Georgia Institute of Technology and Harvard Business School.
In his career he has worked at the University of Cantabria, the IoT Spin off TST, Atos, and Teka group keeping fully involved in cutting-edge innovation to develop IoT products and services. He is co-author of several book chapters and has written more than 20 papers published in international journals.

Cristian Paun

Global Digital Strategist | Chief Digital Officer at DuPont. Official Member & Contributor of Forbes Technology Council
Cristian is a change maker and an innovator with strong storytelling abilities that inspires growth mindset; a passionate Senior Executive from the Chemical/Insurance/FMCG/Banking/Telecommunications industry.
He has focused on the connection between IT and successful business outcomes, both with bringing top-line growth as well as cost reduction programs. Cristian served as technology thought-leader & adviser, implementing technologies like artificial intelligence, robotic process automation or IoT (Internet of Things) to generate high business value.
As a certified business designer and international keynote speaker, he helped companies to transform business ideas into viable digital business models. Lead globally Innovation, M&A, integration and separation programs. He crafted procurement and vendor strategies that allowed to achieve multi million EUR savings.

Shannon Katcher

Vice President, Digital Innovations, GTI Energy

Shannon Katcher is GTI Energy’s Vice President of Digital Innovation. Shannon develops a strategic approach to digital transformation and directs research efforts, product and service developments, and investment initiatives in the data services and analytics space related to energy systems. She holds deep knowledge of connecting the industry’s operational experiences and needs with research programs, and is dedicated to building solutions that enable deep decarbonization in today's energy systems.

Toni Mattila

Head of Sustainable Manufacturing, Business Finland

Today, Dr. Toni Mattila is the Head of Sustainable Manufacturing at Business Finland, which is a governmental agency for R&D and innovation funding, business development and internationalization services.
At Business Finland, Toni leads a national business development program with the goal of transforming Finnish manufacturing industries towards sustainable development. Before joining the investment promotion division of Business Finland eight years ago, Toni worked for fourteen years in academia as a researcher in the field of microelectronics.
Toni is still an active member of IEEE, especially in the Electronics Packaging Society, and a frequent attendee of various electronics conferences.


13:20 EET

Event opening

13:30 EET

The future is set with Digital Twins

Pasi Hurri, CEO of BaseN

16:50 EET


SPIME2022, the 8th annual SPIME event hosted by BaseN, took place virtually on November 16th. This year, we explored the role of digital twins to enable companies’ financial and planetary sustainability.

SPIME2022 had an amazing speakers’ line-up: Juan Rico (Head of Business Development IoT at TEKA Group), Toni Mattila (Head of Sustainable Manufacturing at Business Finland), Cristian Paun (Global Digital Strategist at DuPont), Shannon Katcher (Vice President, Digital Innovations at GTI Energy), and Maria Svantemark (CEO & Co-Founder at SustainLab). Each of these professional speakers brought unique and diverse angles to the event themes of digitalization, digital twin, and sustainability.

Our President & CEO, Pasi Hurri, opened the event with his speech on, “the future is set with digital twins”. Our next speaker, Juan Rico delivered a speech about smart homes and how digitalization plays a role in its complex energy ecosystem from a home appliance manufacturer’s view. Toni Mattila talked about the twin transition in manufacturing industries. He elaborated on what it meant to be economically sustainable and environmentally sustainable.

We continued with the next speaker, Cristian Paun, who clearly posed the need for innovating to stay competitive and relevant in the business world. His speech conveyed messages on how to design and transform businesses, starting with defining what your winning aspiration would be, then defining what capabilities you’d need to win and the technologies required. Shannon Katcher then join us and delivered her speech on the role of data and digitalization in the energy transition. She highlighted that to cope with highly complex and constantly changing energy transitions, software automation and digital solutions would be great tools to aid us.

The last speaker of our event was Maria Svantemark, who showcased how to accelerate our sustainability transition with data and AI. She particularly underlined how our actions of today were critical to determining what would happen in the next 7 years [until 2030].

The event then closed with our CEO, Pasi, summarizing the key insights he wanted the audiences to take away.

Since 2015, BaseN has brought together customers, partners, and academia alike to outline the importance of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and spime. SPIME2022 event this year truly attracted global audiences from the Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland, Georgia, Denmark, Sweden, United States, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Finland, and so on.

We’ll see you again at #SPIME2023!

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preSPIME2022 series

First preSPIME2022 activity -

Content Hub

Transform Products to Services

Companies still tend to focus more on optimizing the process, and less on the customer relationships that extend beyond the transactions of products. Our President & CEO, Mr. Pasi Hurri, calls it a Fire-and-Forget business model.

Build long-lasting, sustainable customer relationships

Now is the time to transform your products to services, transform your business model to Fire-and-Remember model, introduce mass-customization for your products, and thus get to a new level of servitization with today’s technologies.

Visit our content hub to learn more.

Content Hub

This content hub is the first preSPIME2022 activity BaseN wants to bring to you.


You can also listen to this as an episode on our podcast, IoT for the Rest Of Us.

Second preSPIME2022 activity

Smart agriculture, connected farm

For the second #preSPIME2022 activity, we explore the theme of IoT for the Rest of Us, specifically, the topic of smart argriculture and connected farm.

Our Marketing Coordinator, Nghi Dang, sits down with our Communication Officer, Sonja Pöyry, with some questions on the topic

Hear from us how we understand what a smart farm is, what the next revolution of agriculture entails, and what the first steps for enabling a connected farm would be.

Smart farm, Connected farm​ Infographic - Spime'22

Download now the infographic we have made on the topic


Conferences Background


Join #SPIME2022 to learn how business in any industry can become financially and environmentally sustainable by having digital twins for all their products and assets.

BaseN has brought together customers, partners and academia alike to line out the importance of the IoT, digital twins and spimes, since 2015.

Register for free to #SPIME2022 and take the chance to network with other like-minded professionals.

#SPIME2022 is the right platform for you to share and learn from others’ about technology, digitalization and digital twins.

Why Attend SPIME 2022


Having been established in 2015, the SPIME conference has remained as an annual event organized by BaseN Corporation. The name SPIME corresponds to the concept of spime as the core of BaseN Platform – a logical and digital embodiment of anything. “Spime” term itself was first coined by Bruce Sterling in 2005, and since the spime concept plays a fundamental role in the BaseN solutions offering, the term has also been applied to name one of the most important reoccurring events for BaseN Corporation.  

You’re welcome to check out the highlights of previous SPIME conferences here.


Every year, SPIME conferences have been the platforms where we at BaseN got to gather business delegates, developers, digital enthusiasts, and anyone interested in reinventing or enhancing their businesses with digitalization. It is also the place where we got to meet and interact with driven young talents. 

Want to have more information, to hear insights from others who are more experienced with digital transformation or you simply want to stay updated with digital adoption, digital innovation and digital twins insights? SPIME2022 is the right place for you.  

Just passionate about innovations and technology? You should definitely not miss SPIME2022! 

#preSPIME2022 series will be pre-event activities and/or content that we see valuable for you to learn about, beyond the scope of the main #SPIME2022 event. These activities will be freely accessible to everyone.

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