Sustainable Retrofitting – a SURE! thing with BaseN

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BaseN joins the new Nordic project SURE!, dedicated to developing a sustainable retrofitting concept for multi-storey buildings. The joint and cross-disciplinary project involves partners from Denmark, Finland and Sweden, and will run for three years. BaseN provides the microagent infrastructure for hardware integration, data collection and potential control, as well as a platform for data analysis and visualisation. 

SURE! brings a low-cost method for effective energy saving and energy leak detection to retrofitted homes. Upgrading existing buildings to meet today’s energy efficiency requirements is an important topic globally and SURE! will provide means to help buildings cope with those new standards without having to make huge investments to e.g. structural changes. The project focuses on the dynamic relation between technology, sustainability and behaviour. Therefore, involving the buildings’ tenants actively is also an important aspect. They will be able to track their energy consumption in real time which has a proven direct impact on their energy usage behaviour. 

BaseN stores the complete energy lifecycle of the retrofitted homes, analyzes the data and creates forecasts to optimize energy use. The advantage of BaseN is the scalability – it can be implemented to a large volume of houses very quickly. 


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