Spiming the Universe on BaseN

BaseN, one of only four hand-picked companies, took part in the cohort initiated by Aspire with ESA, the purpose-driven acceleration initiative of ESA Space Solutions

BaseN worked with the European Space Agency to develop a reusable SES (Spime Enablement Services) platform, with a focus on sustainability and digital twins, for both – exploration vehicles and other diversified autonomous systems in different industries.

Sensor, probe, and rover manufacturers will benefit from a ready framework to easily create next generation digital twins for their hardware. They will further be enabled to track the entire lifecycle, even if their hardware runs in harsh environments.

With industrial customers deploying more and more digital devices and machines across their fields and infrastructure, there is a substantial need for an umbrella platform that offers a unified view of all elements. This allows easy tracking of their entire lifecycle. 

BaseN Platform ideally serves as a sustainable architecture, enabling customers to move from products to sustainable services while increasing production and minimizing the resource need.

Further, a ‘relay module’ implementation has been finished by the end of the project period. On this initial version, the platform can be shimmed into an existing SES-based edge/core software grouping and allows artificial degradation of telemetry and control signaling during development. A user interface addition is also added to this version, which allows live adjustments to the ‘relay module’ component for testing varying scenarios.

Stay connected to hear what we have planned for the coming two years!

About BaseN

BaseN Platform is the ideal foundation to host your innovative products, services, and mission-critical next generation digital twins. With our agile platform, you can continuously build new products and services while optimizing your existing operations.


ESA Space Solutions is the go-to-place for great business ideas involving space in all areas of society and economy. Our mission is to support entrepreneurs in Europe in the development of business using satellite applications and space technology to improve everyday life. Our programme is designed to provide multiple entry points such as ESA Business Incubation Centres (ESA BICs), ESA Technology Broker Network, ESA Business Applications and ASPIRE with ESA. Funding typically ranges from 50 KEuro to 2 MEuro and supports everything from space technology transfer, early stage incubation programs, Feasibility Studies to large-scale Demonstration Projects.

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