Data Privacy Day, also known as Data Protection Day in Europe, is observed by 51 countries annually on January 28th. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the international event. From the original focus of raising awareness among businesses and users about online data privacy, the scope expanded over the years and now also includes individual control over personal information, data regulation and compliance with privacy laws.

The number of personal devices connected to the Internet is growing at an unprecedented speed. From smart watches to digital meters to intelligent appliances – the Internet of Things (IoT) is becoming an integral part of modern life. Current estimations expect around 500 billion connected devices by 2030

This means that there will be the need for a secure, reliable, and scalable platform for hosting all data, processes, and digital replications (digital twins) of anything. 

BaseN does not rely on any third-party services, and hence ensures its commitment of full data protection and privacy of the customers. BaseN fully complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – meaning all data stays in Europe and the customers decide how their data is handled. Futher, BaseN is an active member of the Finnish Information Security Cluster (FISC) which strives to increase cybersecurity and advocates for better security awareness across industries.

To know more about this event and how BaseN upholds its data protection commitment, listen to our podcast on Data Privacy Day 2022 right here. We’ll give a brief introduction to security and privacy and inform you how Content Delivery Networks (CDN), telco operators, web shops or social media work with what you are giving away. You can also listen to our podcast on Spotify right here.

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