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The most fascinating aspect of the spime concept is to envision and build services and products which don’t exist yet, but could become ubiquitous within months once launched. 

Think of your current toothbrush. If it is a non-electric version, you probably replace it every few weeks. The new one is likely to be exactly similar to the old one, wearing out as quickly. Perhaps it boasts with a different color or handle. 

Enter the spimebrush. This is a sleek, electric version with a connected charging cradle which maintains a connection to Spimes of each brush head in our BaseN Platform. Brush heads have tiny pressure, acceleration and temperature sensors, and a miniature infrared camera, perhaps with a passive optical tunnel. 

Brush spimes record and analyze brush head usage patterns and tooth imagery, making it available to the parties you’ve accepted; perhaps the brush manufacturer and your dentist (and the telemarketer, if your brush is ‘free’). So you’ll receive new brush heads only when the old ones are worn out. And crucially, those heads will be continuously adjusted for your mouth and teeth, based on the analysis of past data. 

Your dentist also discreetly notifies you when the data indicates emerging cavities or other tooth problems, before you even notice them. Perhaps his/her email already contains few appointment suggestions. 

For the brush manufacturer this means continuous and improving customer relationships and reduced manufacturing costs, as the most important service is delivered digitally. The next stage is to deliver a small 3D printer along with the cradle, capable of printing new brush heads using 95% of locally recycled brush plastic. This is all doable today, but it needs a spime mindset


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