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I’ve been growing chili peppers (not the sawtooth leaf version) inside during the last few years, with mixed success. While still not self-sufficient what comes to cheese-filled chilis, the taste and texture of fresh chili are something I really enjoy. 

I haven’t read all the chili growing manuals as they usually make it sound like nuclear science, what comes to water, nutrients, light, acidity and so on. 

To make growing much easier and successful, I’d like to have a small sensor plug added to the growing pot, regularly transmitting vital parameters like moisture, acidity, temperature, light and e.g. plant color to our Platform, utilized by a professional chili growing company. Depending on circumstances, data could be transported via Bluetooth or WiFi. 

My contract with the company would include customized nutrient liquid, sent to me by post whenever their algorithms would deem necessary. And of course I’d receive short messages and emails adjusting my watering cycle. Perhaps a more expensive service would include an automatic water pump. Adding more probes would be easy, I’d just switch them on and register them into my Spime Farm. 

We have everything ready in our Platform. Just add an agricultural company. 


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