Smart Innovation through IoT – BaseN at the Innovation Forum in St. Petersburg

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BaseN’s Senior Vice President Sales, Jukka Paananen, participates at the 9th Innovation Forum in St. Petersburg from September 21-23. Mr. Panaanen joins the roundtable and masterclass in the Forum’s business program on “Foresight Technology in the Innovation Management” on September 21 from 11am to 2pm. He will highlight how BaseN’s extreme-scale Internet of Things Platform enables its customers to innovate and roll out global new services cost efficiently and quickly.

The Union of Managers of the North-West in collaboration with Communication Agency Smart Business Solution organizes a collective exhibition stand including BaseN. The Forum is the largest congress exhibition in the North-West region of Russia, gathering more than 10.000 specialists. It is organized by the Committee on industrial policy and innovation of St. Petersburg.

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