Smart Energy and Digital Health – Meet BaseN at TMF Live!

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BaseN is part of two Internet-of-Things-centric catalyst projects that will be showcased at TMF Live! in Nice, France from June 2 – 5, 2014. The Smart Energy catalyst focuses on end-to-end flows across energy and utilities management scenarios. The catalyst is lead by BaseN and further includes BC Hydro, BT, Cisco Systems, Hydro-Quebec, Salzburg AG, ESRI, Infonova and TOA Technologies. The eHealth catalyst focuses on a cooperative remote patient care service. Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Cisco Systems, Detecon, Ericsson, ISPM and TOA Technologies are alongside BaseN partners in this catalyst.

BaseN demonstrates with its role in both catalyst projects that it is the Platform for the Internet of Things, enabling required scalability for complex scenarios in various industry fields. Energy and healthcare are just two examples of forward-looking industry areas requiring secure collection and storage of huge amounts of data. Building on previous award-winning catalysts, previously still separated bits and pieces of technology have now advanced to be interconnected service flow. To best show the real life relevance, both catalysts will be showcased in a connected living room floorspace at TMF Live! and visitors will be able to try out devices that trigger flows of events and actions.

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