Revolutionizing EV Charging: BaseN’s Sustainable Technology

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability and eco-friendly solutions, electric vehicles (EVs) have taken center stage. However, the success of EVs hinges not only on the cars themselves but also on the infrastructure supporting them. Enter BaseN, a global leading provider of Digital Twin and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, offering cutting-edge technology to enhance the performance and reliability of EV charging infrastructure.

Pioneering Sustainable Technology

BaseN Platform empowers real-time situational awareness through digital replicas of physical assets. This innovation holds profound implications for the EV industry, particularly in the realm of charging infrastructure. By seamlessly monitoring and managing these assets, BaseN Platform ensures heightened efficiency and unwavering reliability.

Success with InterControl

One company at the forefront of EV charging solutions is InterControl, a specialist in this field. InterControl has chosen BaseN Platform to enhance the performance of its Latinki 11 series of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) bidirectional DC chargers. This partnership represents a proven success story in the realm of EV charging solutions.

Exceptional Capabilities Redefining EV Charging

InterControl‘s Latinki 11 chargers are revolutionizing the EV charging industry, thanks to their exceptional capabilities and forward-thinking design. These chargers are paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future of transportation.

Remote Monitoring and Management

BaseN Platform allows InterControl to remotely monitor and manage its charging infrastructure. This means they can keep a close eye on their assets from a distance, ensuring optimal functionality and taking proactive steps for maintenance when needed.

Optimized Operations for a Sustainable Tomorrow

Real-time insights into performance and status provided by BaseN Platform enable proactive maintenance and efficient operations. This collaboration leads to smoother and more efficient charging operations, which is crucial for the widespread adoption of EVs.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

InterControl’s goal is to deliver an outstanding charging experience for EV owners. By utilizing BaseN Platform, they can improve end-user experiences, ultimately enhancing overall customer satisfaction. This commitment to exceptional customer experiences aligns perfectly with BaseN’s core values.

Innovation and Excellence in Sustainability

The collaboration between BaseN and InterControl demonstrates a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. Both companies are driving forward the sustainability agenda, making EVs a more practical and attractive choice for consumers.


Innovating Together: A Commitment to Excellence

No matter what products or machines, their digital twins can live on BaseN Platform – for their entire lifecycle. On BaseN, customers can leverage advanced technology, enhance operations, and deliver exceptional customer experiences, ultimately driving innovation and excellence in their industry. The future of transportation undoubtedly embraces electricity, and BaseN plays a pivotal role in ensuring that the supporting infrastructure is not just efficient and reliable but also sustainable.

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