Optimizing Networks on BaseN: Your Top Questions Answered

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In the intricate realm of distributed networks, where the stakes are high and data security is paramount, having clear answers to crucial questions is essential. We understand your concerns, and we’re here to provide you with some deeper insights into the capabilities of BaseN Platform for the telecommunication industry. 

How does your platform ensure data security?

At BaseN, safeguarding your data is a core commitment. Having strong roots in global telecommunications networks, we are uniquely poised to take control of vast data landscapes. We proudly distance ourselves from reliance on third-party services, ensuring airtight data protection. Our philosophy centers on rendering attacks visible and costly, achieved through the meticulous collection and analysis of data from internal systems. Our multiple real-time data centers fortify resilience and thwart potential attackers from obscuring their tracks.

Can your platform handle large-scale distributed networks?

Absolutely! BaseN Platform is designed to excel in handling large-scale distributed networks with ease. Our platform’s scalability is not just a feature but a fundamental principle we’ve prioritized since its inception. We are backed by a proven track record. Our platform has consistently served as the engine behind efficiently managing vast amounts of data across multi-vendor environments.

What real-time monitoring capabilities does your platform offer?

Our platform’s real-time monitoring capabilities are built on the concept of creating digital twins of your network’s physical infrastructure, offering an accurate real-world view. Our Location Map feature, as an example, provides an immediate overview of your network’s operational status, including device placement based on configured locations and link status visualization. This streamlined visual approach minimizes response times and enhances workforce productivity. Coupled with our real-time alerting system, you’ll receive timely notifications about emerging issues.

How does your platform detect and handle network failures?

BaseN Platform’s robust architecture ensures not only seamless operations but also the swift identification and handling of network failures. Our approach to detecting and managing network failures is underpinned by a redundant computing grid, designed to provide permanent failover for all elements and data. The platform’s unique architecture enables the rapid identification of potential threats. As a part of our commitment to offering uninterrupted services, customers experience minimal to no service interruptions. This aspect makes BaseN an ideal partner for mission-critical applications.

BaseN Platform’s ability to monitor and analyze data further enables us to detect anomalies. We create a visual cue for abnormal conditions by establishing a daily pattern over time. For instance, we can alert based on the number of established sessions, ensuring that network operators are promptly notified when sessions are too few or too many, indicating potential issues. In real-time, these alerts are relayed through our Issue Manager, Location Map, and device alert screens.

Can your platform provide root cause analysis for network issues?

Yes. BaseN Platform offers comprehensive Root Cause Analysis (RCA) capabilities to effectively identify and address network issues. The platform leverages the concept of root cause devices, which are essential components forming the basis of the dependency tree. These root cause devices are fundamental to the root cause analysis logic, ensuring that they remain active even during analysis to avoid silencing alerts due to RCA. BaseN’s root cause analysis can function in automatic mode, where it discovers node relationships, or in explicit mode, where it’s based on specific node or measurement characteristics. Furthermore, manual configuration is also possible, giving users flexibility in tailoring the analysis process to their unique network architecture.

Conclusion: Elevating Network Management with BaseN

In the dynamic world of distributed networks, BaseN Platform shines as your enabler.

  1. Data security: Our core commitment safeguards your data through airtight protection. Our independence from third-party services, coupled with meticulous data analysis, ensures attacks are visible and costly.
  2. Scalability: BaseN Platform excels in managing large-scale distributed networks, backed by a proven track record.
  3. Real-time monitoring: We create digital twins for accurate, real-world insights and rapid issue alerts.
  4. Network failure handling: Our robust architecture guarantees minimal service interruptions and proactive threat detection.
  5. Root Cause Analysis: BaseN Platform’s RCA offers unmatched flexibility for effective issue identification and resolution.

As you face the complexities of network management, choose BaseN to elevate your operations. Discover the transformative power of BaseN Platform for telecommunications. 

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