Living in a BaseN enabled energy efficient smart apartment building: Adjutantti resident review

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Three years after the first of its kind energy efficient apartment building Adjutantti was constructed, BaseN visited one of the residents, Mr. Sven Wikberg, to find out how the advanced energy management system running on BaseN Platform has helped him and his family to optimise their energy and water usage. Watch Mr. Wikberg’s talk about his life in Adjutantti here. 

Sven Wikberg was one of the first tenants in Adjutantti, he has been living there with his family of four since April 2012. Since then Mr. Wikberg has been actively using BaseN’s system, which provides apartment-specific real-time electricity, water and heating energy management. Through the user interface, Sven and his family are constantly monitoring their consumption behaviour. The system also automatically notifies the residents about detected malfunctions, e.g. of specific electric devices or water leakages, and provides consumption forecasts based on the historical consumption data.  

Mr. Wikberg says: “Adjutantti is an apartment house but it’s almost like living in a house of your own. You only pay for your very own water and energy use. We have been able to significantly decrease our energy consumption thanks to the real-time access and historical consumption statistics. This information can be viewed through our user portal online, as well as through a screen located next to the entrance door and it is of great interest for me to track our consumption patterns. The BaseN system has served as a good proof to my teenage kids that the amount of water they consume is really something to work on.” 

Mr. Wikberg also commented on the “home away” feature BaseN provides to all Adjutantti tenants: “I really appreciate that the system allows me to remotely manage our home appliances. It is especially helpful when going for a trip with the whole family, you can just check from your phone whether everything is switched off, and if it isn`t one just needs to press a button and it`s done.” 

On average, BaseN enabled Adjutantti residents to cut their use of energy, heating and water by 15%. With BaseN’s Internet of Things platform a variety of other companies, e.g. VolkerWessels and Vattenfall, introduced smart homes and smart buildings to their customers. The numbers are growing internationally. 

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