SPIME2021 – Customers showcase their success through next gen digital twins on BaseN

BaseN, established and in continuous development since 2001,  provides new ways to capture, store, process, analyze, visualize, and control extreme volumes of things and data real-time, which enables next generation digital businesses to greatly improve what they do and how they do it. BaseN Platform is ideally suited for ICT, M2M, IoT and machine learning. 

SPIME2021, BaseN’s seventh annual IoT conference took place virtually from October 11 – October 14. This year, the conference structure was changed due to an increased demand for more tailored content and BaseN was happy to offer break-out sessions in three different industry segments in which BaseN is serving customers – Telecommunication, Construction and Shipping. 

In the Telecommunication breakout session, Martti Ylikoski, Co-founder of Poutanet,  delivered a speech on a new trend for enabling quick IoT services – private mobile networks. 

The Construction breakout session was headed by Mr. Erkki Honkakoski, the Technology specialist of Ruukki Construction. Ruukki manufactures steel-based products for walls and roofs, for both commercial buildings and private homes. As a supplier of premium products, systems and solutions, Ruukki ensures that the development is sustainable and living up to the highest demands on durability in harsh conditions. Honkakoski emphasized the use of digital twins to achieve intelligent buildings through digitalization. 

For advanced components, Ruukki has built a sensoring system to control e.g. – the snow load, collision of the elements, moisture, or heat information. These factors usually decrease the quality of the components and shorten the overall life cycle. Ruukki has built a digital twin on BaseN to run monitoring, control and quality assurance of those elements. Honkakoski further stated that the digitalization will play an even more significant role in the future when aiming for carbon-neutral buildings.

The Shipping breakout session was held by Norsepower, a leading manufacturer of rotor sails. Norsepower presented how they took green shipping to the next level by creating digital twins on BaseN. Bringing back sails, the old traditional way of ocean transportation, with a new innovative technology- and data-driven approach, showed how to significantly reduce the environmental impact of shipping.  

Having Norsepower’s innovative rotor sails as digital twins on BaseN Platform, enables large ships to become more resource efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. Jukka Kuuskoski, Chief Sales Officer of Norsepower Ltd, presented the modernized technology of rotor sails, based on the Flettner rotor, developed in 1920. This past innovation is now enabled on a global scale on BaseN and can reduce the fuel consumption by as much as 20%. 

After the breakout sessions, the main event day – opened by a presentation of BaseN CEO Pasi Hurri, was filled with keynote speeches delivered by T-Mobile US, discussing the digital transformation and the importance of also transforming the mindset, not only the tools. The European Space Agency (ESA) held the keynote presentation about the cosmic internet and how space technology is linked with advancements also on Earth. BaseN is part of an ESA project focusing on autonomous systems enabled by next generation digital twins (spimes). Our outstanding SPIME2021 conference was concluded by a lively panel discussion.

Since 2015, BaseN has brought together customers, partners, and academia alike to outline the importance of advancing technology, IoT and Spimes. We at BaseN believe that it is imperative for businesses to transform products into intelligent services.

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