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SPIME2021 took place October 11 - October 14, 2021

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Jukka Kuuskoski

CSO, Norsepower Oy

Jukka Kuuskoski has a M.Sc. (Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering) and an eMBA from the Helsinki University of Technology. He worked with ABB’s marine business unit for 15 years in management positions of delivery projects, sales and marketing and service operations. The following 7 years Jukka worked in the wind power industry with Winwind Oy, a wind turbine manufacturer, and with Element Power, a wind power project developer. He joined Norsepower in 2016 and is responsible for the sales and marketing of Norsepower’s Rotor Sails.

Pasi Hurri

President and CEO, BaseN Oy

Since establishing BaseN Corporation in 2001, Pasi Hurri has been holding the position of Chief Executive Officer. He is also the largest shareholder of the company. Pasi Hurri is also a visiting lecturer and expert speaker, e.g. at IEEE and several universities. Prior to founding BaseN, Mr. Hurri presided the engineering effort of the KPNQwest Eurorings network, then the largest pan-European carrier transporting more than 50% of the Internet traffic. Mr. Hurri also was the Chairman of FICIX, the Finnish Commercial Internet Exchange, and a Member of the Board of Directors at Academica Oy, now part of Equinix.

Elia Montanari, Head of Management and Control at the European Space Agency in the Applications field

Elia Montanari

Head of Management and Control at the European Space Agency in the Applications field

Elia Montanari’s daily job is formally Head of Management and Control at the European Space Agency in the Applications field, more simply, he counts people and money. Before that Elia counted people and money in deep space missions like Solar Orbiter and the rocket launcher such as Ariane 5. Faithful to his “renaissance” suite of interests, he holds a master in Business Administration at the Henley Business School, master degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Bologna and currently tries to complete a micromaster in Data, Economics, and Development Policy at the MIT. Last, Elia is involved in his SpaceBrainx charity which he founded with other ESA employees where the goal is to use Space superpowers for people, planet and profit.

Erkki Honkakoski Technology Specialist at Ruukki Construction Oy

Erkki Honkakoski

Technology Specialist at Ruukki Construction Oy, October 2014 - Present

Erkki Honkakoski works on general development and projects, sensors and latest acoustic development, including active RF-ID condition monitoring of steel coated buildings and snow load monitoring for large span buildings (load bearing steel sheets). Erkki worked as R&D and product management at Panphonics for 9 years. He was also a research consultation in construction sector, artistic works both Theatre Academy of Finland and University of Tampere for 12 years. Erkki is interested in renaissance to baroque music (transacoustic guitar, lute some day), old buildings, flying house, energy converters like stirling engines and low head water turbines, and impossible things like reuse of materials by repair – 3D printing since 2010.

Spime speaker - William Tal - Director Digital Enablement T-Mobile

William Tal

Director of Digital Enablement, T-Mobile for Business

William is an accomplished Business Transformation and Customer Experience leader with 15+ years of experience leading large-scale transformations within the Telecom industry in both consumer and B2B segments. He specializes in end-to-end Product Lifecycle Management, with a deep expertise in designing and optimizing the E2E full-service stack to unlock the full potential of products and services. William is currently leading the Digital Transformation for T-Mobile for Business and has held past leadership roles within Customer Experience, Business Transformation, Process Governance, Operations, and Sales.

Spime speaker - Martti Ylikoski - Co-founder Poutanet

Martti Ylikoski

Co-founder Poutanet

Martti has more than 30 years of experience in software, architecture and as product manager. He had worked with a number of industry verticals such as print, construction, travel, Internet marketplace, silicon wafer manufacturing and retail. He has led a number of internal incubation projects while at telecoms such as Cumulocity – now a leading IoT platform, a product line for application integration, and latest leading a project for making 4G base stations into a consumer product. Poutanet is uplifting the last concept to a self-installable and manageable private mobile network.


SPIME2021, BaseN’s seventh annual IoT conference took place virtually from October 11 – October 14. This year, the conference aimed to look at the sustainable successes and innovations that were enabled by modern technologies. The theme was: “Digitalization – Bringing The Past To The Future”. SPIME2021 had breakout sessions taking place on October 11 – October 13, and the main event day on October 14. Speakers from different industries delivered speeches that conveyed how technology drove us from the past to head towards the future.  

In the Telecommunication breakout session on October 11, Martti Ylikoski (Co-founder of Poutanet) delivered a speech on a new future trend – private mobile networks. In the Construction breakout session of October 12, Erkki Honkakoski (Technology Specialist of Ruukki Construction) talked about achieving intelligent buildings with digitalization. His speech also conveyed that applying technology to properly utilize available data and information for full building life cycle management is essential now – and will continue to be – aiming toward carbon-neutral building products. In the Shipping breakout session of October 13, Jukka Kuuskoski (Chief Sales Officer of Norsepower Ltd) presented to us the rotor sail technology. Mr. Flettner and Mr. Savonius first discovered the fundamentals of a “Flettner rotor” in 1920. Norspower has modernized this technology entirely, and the past innovation is now enabled for a global scale on the BaseN Platform.  

On the main event day, October 14, we had an opening speech delivered by BaseN President and CEO, Pasi Hurri. His speech drove us to look at the evolution of sustaining customer relationships from the good ancient days to the good new days. With next generation digital twin technology that allows for full product lifecycle care, businesses’ relationships with their customers will continue to evolve with customers’ needs.  

Then, we had the first keynote speech, “Digital Transformation – Transforming Minds, Not Tools”, delivered by William Tal (Director of Digital Enablement at T-Mobile for Business). The second keynote speech, “Cosmic Internet – The Final Frontier”, was delivered by Elia Montanari (Head of Management and Control at the European Space Agency (ESA) in the Applications field). His speech conveyed the role of EDGE in providing robustness in space, which was where BaseN cooperated with ESA. The last program of the day was the panel discussion. We invited the breakout sessions’ speakers to return and discuss further the digital evolution across industries. 

Since 2015, BaseN has brought together customers, partners, and academia alike to outline the importance of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and spime. Spimes are the core of the IoT, the primary objects managing physical manifestations – unlike digital twins which are merely a virtual replica– and enable businesses to transform products into intelligent services. 


Our Vision for SPIME2022 is to let participants have a digital journey across industries (telecommunication, shipping, and construction) in the breakout sessions, and a journey reflecting on the past to see what lies in the presence and the future on the event main date.

BaseN brought together customers, partners and academia alike to line out the importance of the IoT and spimes. Join #SPIME2022 and take the chance to network with other like-minded professionals.

#SPIME2022 is the right platform for you to share your insights and learn from others’ best practices regarding digital adoption and digital transformation in businesses.


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Having been established in 2015, the SPIME conference has remained as an annual event organized by BaseN Corporation. The name SPIME corresponds to the concept of spime as the core of BaseN Platform – a logical and digital embodiment of anything. The term “spime” itself was first coined by Bruce Sterling in 2005, and since the spime concept plays a fundamental role in the BaseN solutions offering, the term has also been applied to name one of the most important reoccurring events for BaseN Corporation.  

You’re welcome to check out the highlights of previous SPIME conferences here 


Every year, SPIME conferences have been the platforms where we at BaseN got to gather business delegates, developers, digital enthusiasts, and anyone interested in reinventing or enhancing their businesses with digitalization. It is also the place where we got to meet and interact with driven young talents. 

If you want to have more information, to hear insights from others who are more experienced with digital transformation or you simply want to stay updated with digital adoption and digital innovation insights, SPIME2021 is the right place for you.  

If you are passionate about innovations and technology, you should definitely not miss SPIME2021! 

No, SPIME2021 is a free virtual conference for you. 😊  

You can register by navigating to and filling out the registration form on this website. A spot at #SPIME2021 will be saved for you quickly after! 😊  

You can register for the breakout session(s) and/or the main event day by the end of the day before the event dates. For example, if you want to attend our main event day on October 14th, you can register by 23:59 on October 13th.   

Or if you are intrigued to join the full event, you should register now! 😉 

No worries. The content of the conference will be recorded and made available for all the registered attendees afterward. We’ll be in touch with you via email after the conference.  

Yes, if the deadline is not passed.  

For example: If you’ve registered for the Shipping Breakout Session on October 13th, you’re more than welcome to register and attend our main event day on October 14th. The deadline will be 23:59 on Oct. 13th. But since the Telecommunication and Construction Breakout Sessions have already passed, unfortunately, you can’t attend those anymore.  

If you have registered for a certain session, and feel intrigued about the other programs, we recommend you to register now and ensure your participation. 😊 

You’ll get more chances to interact with a variety of professionals and strengthen your networks. Further, you’ll get more chances to hear about digital innovations in different industries, that may inspire you to apply to your field. Lastly, on the main event day, there will be a panel discussion among the breakout sessions’ speakers, bringing to you the insightful perspectives of these industry experts. You will get to engage with them and the other keynote speakers (including the European Space Agency), so don’t miss out! 😉  

The time zone will be the Helsinki time zone (GMT+3).  

BaseN Corporation has taken into our consideration the different time zones of our global audiences when deciding the final time slots for the event program. We sincerely hope that it suits you and that we will see you at #SPIME2021! 😊   

Please keep in mind that the event program may still be updated now and next month. Any official updates we have will be presented on the event website as soon as possible.  

As SPIME2021 is a global virtual conference, the main language used will be English.  

SPIME2021 will be hosted on Zoom. More detailed information & related instructions with the platform will be sent to you after your registration.  

Any updates and relevant instructions/information will be sent to you after your registration. We will be in touch with you as regular as possible so you can know best what to expect and how to prepare for SPIME2021.  

For now, you can simply familiarize yourself first with our annual SPIME conferences here and register! 😉  


Stay tuned for SPIME2022!

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