Next generation retail on BaseN

With over 2000 stores in 8 countries, Kesko is a major private retail conglomerate in the Nordics. Kesko operates hypermarkets as well as small outlets in gas stations. All logistics and ICT solutions, including the retailer ICT network are controlled by the headquarters in Helsinki.

To meet their strict policy on operating mission critical and environmentally friendly, Kesko runs on BaseN to monitor, control and manage the material, information and product flow. BaseN ensures that all business-critical elements such as end-to-end availability of the stores’ back office and payment applications are always up and running 24/7/365. Additionally, BaseN provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) report for controlling the quality of the subcontractor services like telecom operators and integrator’s that are provisioning for example ERP Services.

BaseN and Kesko will further strengthen their position through new features such as advanced user interfaces, stronger root-cause analysis, event correlation and certain machine-learning services.

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