Internet of Things: Bringing it all together at TMF

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Establishing itself as the primary platform for managing millions of things in Industrial Internet and Internet of Things (IoT), BaseN is leading the TM Forum’s Internet of Things project and spearheading its catalyst initiatives. The latest catalyst developments will be showcased in San Jose from December 8 – 11, 2014 at Digital Disruption. The IoT program brings together a large variety of different elements that quickly will become more and more interconnected in the future, such as Smart Energy, Smart Cities and Digital Health.

“eHealth: Bridging the divide” and “Smart energy: Solidifying the digital handshake” are next-phase continuations of the already successful catalyst projects showcasing very real and hands-on demonstrations, whereas “Smart City: Empowering governments to build” is a new addition. BaseN is involved in all three catalyst projects under the IoT umbrella.