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Now that we’re in progress of implementing BaseN Platform to a multitude of major industrial customers for Spimes and the Industrial Internet/IoT, a few of our key messages have been confirmed time and again. Now almost as teenager, we have also learned a lot.

We’ve always emphasized our beloved Platform’s technical scalability, fault tolerance and inherent distribution, last of which actually makes the two first ones possible within our unique architecture. This has convinced the known technical buyer and has produced some good deals.

However, for a client who spurs out a million connected products out to customers each month, technical scalability is merely something that can be solved by throwing hardware and money on it, as long as it is viable and predictable. The lesson? It is all about commercial scalability – the ability to economically scale an IoT platform to handle exponential numbers of connected products, without skyrocketing license and engineering costs.

This, in all its simplicity, is by far BaseN’s most valuable feature, as we’ve always kept the Platform free from external, paid license dependencies. (Uh oh, it took some effort to write that out loud, with my deep technical background.)

A successful industrial enterprise starts to Spime, or at least create data models to Spime the cheapest mass product instead of the high-end one. It is always possible to implement this technology upwards in the product value chain, but it rarely succeeds downwards as we have seen with e.g. many Connected Car initiatives. 


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