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Handling massive IoT and Digital Twin data volumes with ease: BaseN enables customers of any size to run their products, services and entire business on BaseN. The capability to process enormous amount of data – currently 2,5 million transactions per second – and customer algorithms (spimes) in real time is the cornerstone for mission critical operations in any business of this century.

The total amount of transactions per second processed by BaseN increased by more than 1 million since January 2021, continuing the immense growth trend from previous years with more and more customers relying on BaseN for their business expansion. This massive increase is handled with ease due to the scalable and resilient architecture of BaseN Platform. 

The emergence of ubiquitous connectivity creates a vital need for a platform that hosts, manages and controls the next generation digital twin (spime) of any thing connected or not. BaseN Platform is handling massive IoT and Digital Twin data volumes with ease, in real-time and without any data ever being lost. 

BaseN Platform is the ideal fit for the exponentially growing number of connected things comprised of data generated by the next generation of digital twins and their environment. On BaseN, customers in any industry can easily transform their traditional products into innovative digital services. With its mission critical platform, BaseN enables new business for customers, in addition to increased productivity, optimized resources.

With the platform’s immense data processing capabilities, BaseN paves the way for easy mass customization of products and services in any industry. BaseN Platform is powered by advanced grid computing technologies since 2001 and is in continuous development, providing new ways to capture, store, process, analyze, visualize, and control extreme volumes of things and data in real-time.

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