Fortum’s Smart Grid Success with BaseN Real Time Monitoring

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Residents have now been living for half a year in Adjutantti, a forerunner low-energy A-class residential building near Helsinki, that was built as a joint project by Fortum, Skanska and ABB using BaseN’s real time consumption monitoring to increase energy awareness and encourage energy saving throughout the building down to the single apartment level. The building is a true success as residents’ feedback and electricity bills demonstrate. An interview with a couple living in the building can be found in the February issue of Finnish consumer magazine Yhteishyvä, highlighting all the benefits that they see in living in such an unique eco-efficient environment. 

The couple highlights that they effectively follow their consumption patterns because it is very easy with the graphical end-user portal accessible via touch screens inside the apartment or anywhere online and that they were able to learn and change their consumption behavior in a very satisfactory way. They also enjoy using the electric car that can be rented for free by all the residents – in six months the car was in use around 300 times and accumulated almost 6000 km. BaseN also monitors the car charging station and provides the information to the residents.  

With Adjutantti, Fortum realized a practical, real world Smart Grid project. Residents have real time insight to their electricity, water and heating energy consumption.  

Additionally, BaseN monitors and reports the total energy consumption of the entire building and relates information on energy available from the building’s solar panels. The solar energy is, among other things, used to charge the electric car. 

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