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A major global forest industry corporation and long-term BaseN customer made use of the fully customizable BaseN portals to overcome the challenge of providing an easy to understand ICT network status overview to it’s management. The company’s entire ICT performance is displayed in real time in just one screen, offering war room insight to the telecommunication, networking, security elements, applications and end user availability. If the performance is not sufficient, the system presents where the bottle-neck is and what actions should be taken to fix the situation. 

BaseN can easily adapt to what detail the gathered data is presented, so that different users of the portal have different views displaying only the information that is relevant for them and their work. In this customer’s case an universal ICT dashboard for the management of the ICT organization is now graphically presenting the status of Service Level Agreement (SLA), end-to-end system availability, capacities and current faults. By using the advanced BaseN reverse engineering technology for root cause analysis the reasons for trouble situations are found easily. The analysis layer of the BaseN service additionally predicts most of the occurring faults in advance allowing engineers to repair the suspicious elements even before they cause harm for the users of the system.

“BaseN Platform is flexible by default and able to quickly respond to customer needs like this and to offer different degrees of data insight among different personnel of the same organization. Especially this kind of a lighter war room grade overview of the whole ICT environment is an obvious need on the monitoring marketplace”, says Jukka Paananen, Vice President Sales at BaseN Corporation.

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