BaseN and ITVilla Enhance Efficiency of Water Pump Stations

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BaseN and ITVilla bring a remote monitoring and control system to sewage and fresh water pump stations in Estonia. The ability to remotely adjust all setup parameters of the pump stations and to update the application software of the controllers on site remotely as well has significant efficiency and cost benefits for the water company. A lot of the required maintenance can now be performed remotely in real-time in the Cloud. 

The pump stations are based on programmable automation controllers that control the pumps according to the sensor signals (pressure and level), and predefined setup variables. The controllers communicate to the central server in parallel to the local control functions. All measured parameters and states are transmitted to the server which takes care of data storage, visualization, and alarm generation. 

Additionally, the monitoring of the system provides important insight data. For example, the energy that is used by the pumps and the outdoor control cabinet itself (including controller, communication device, and heater) is measured in real-time. 

“A nice side feature for the monitoring system has been it’s integration capability with other services in the net”, says Neeme Takis, CEO of ITVilla, and Vice President, Sales Baltics of BaseN. “For example, notifications can be sent out according to the working shift schedule in an external calendar, and not to all users at once. Another example of integration has been the case of feeding pump station alarms to the geo-information system used by the water company.” 

ITVilla is a leading Estonian automation services provider, dedicated to design, install and remotely maintain various types of automated sites, from simple pump stations to complicated systems like distributed access control systems or smart building control and maintenance solutions. Due to the well-balanced mix of IT-, telecommunication- and automation-related know-how in the company, its services exceed the usability but undercut the price of the traditional SCADA-solutions. BaseN holds a significant minority stake in ITVilla. 

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