Fog of Complexity – also in IoT

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In today’s telecom operators, most network and service issues are caused by human errors and lack of sustainable engineering. New technologies are implemented on top of existing infrastructure with increasing pace, and overall coordination and situational awareness degrade. In addition, implementation responsibility is often distributed to a web of subcontractors and vendors.

Although a poorly managed network may look like a hopeless entropy bomb, this complexity can be tamed with proper situational awareness and leadership. The former can be solved with platforms like ours, while modern leadership requires above all adaptability and stamina. Track EVERYTHING, no matter how much data is produced.

You have your fibers, DWDM and our Platform. While we are proud of the increasing service excellence of our telecom customers, it is becoming evident that these same leadership and situational awareness traits are even more important in traditional industries as they converge towards IoT. No matter if you’re a roof material manufacturer, forest harvester maker or a heating control systems supplier, your NETWORK OF CONNECTED CUSTOMERS will soon be larger than a mid-size telecom operator’s just a few years ago.

And yes, it’ll be your core business understanding how your products and services perform 24/7. If you don’t do it, your competition will and in the worst case starts offering new services on top of your venerable hardware. You really need to be there first. In addition to being connected back to you, your products will be increasingly digital and thus their value will reside in the Digital Twin (eventually spime) on your side. As connectivity and computing prices continuously drop, the shift happens faster and faster. This is why you need your spime IoT/Digital Twin/spime strategy today.


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