Do You Need an Icebreaker? Or Spime?

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Switzerland is well known about their precisely engineered, high end timepieces, and more recently about a trusted and confidential banking system. A much younger nation, Israel, is not only a leading defence technology supplier, but is also quickly becoming the world’s cyber security center. South Korea and Japan are unmatched in semiconductors, while Germany commands the premium automotive sector.

How did these countries achieve these positions? Naturally, it is partly about the general development level and history of technological innovation. Furthermore, investment in education and natural resources play important roles. However, I’d postulate that the most important driver is a national, conscious decision to master a certain field, followed by a clear execution plan.

In Finland, we had to rebuild our industrial base after the second world war. According to the heavy Soviet peace terms, we also paid war reparations for decades, in form of machinery, ships and other heavy industry products. As a positive side effect, our industrial capacity became larger than what it would have been without the war. That is why we are, among only a few countries in the world, making icebreakers (well, cruiseliners too), cars, powerplants, speciality paper machines and weapons with global recognition. Not bad for a country with 5.5M people

Now we also had first mobile networks, originally developed for military use, but made famous by Nokia. In addition, we have the world’s best energy network, what comes to service reliability, distributed generation and bidirectional capabilities ready for things like electric cars.

When all this – strong industrial base, advanced telecommunications, reliable energy supply and ultra stable society – is combined, you have a perfect purveyor what comes to the transformation of any industry by IoT, digital twins and spimes, globally.

You already know that your product or service must have a digital side today, but in quite near future that side will be your primary merchandise. At that point it will suddenly be very important where, how and especially under what jurisdiction are your products and services being manifested. At crisp 100, Finland is the best choice. Enter spime.


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