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Real Time Incompatible

::: nBlog ::: When we pay salaries to our people in the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Spain and the US, it has always frustrated me that

Recipes of Efficiency

::: nBlog ::: Energy efficiency is a hot sales argument today for a multitude of products and services. Although financial savings may be microscopic in

The Invisible Controller

::: nBlog ::: After my presentation here in Dresden I was flattered to have evoked parallels with such giants as Alan Turing and Ray Kurzweil, in

Under Pressure

::: nBlog ::: The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) of the human body is a marvellous logic controller maintaining all the essential life support functions below the conscious

Lack of Real Time Data Enables Corruption

::: nBlog ::: For the last 16 years, the European Court of Auditors (ECA), the independent audit institution of the European Union, has issued predominantly negative

Local Warming

::: nBlog ::: Politicians in the Nordics are grinning in agreement when giants like Facebook and Google convert old paper mills and other aging blue chip

Future Forensics

::: nBlog ::: Predicting the future is hard. Some of the earliest and even nowadays most powerful supercomputers are used eg. for weather forecasting and financial

Love. Analytically.

::: nBlog ::: When I was made a VP in 2000, my first thought was that I again need to learn, and a lot. So

Flying Demand Response

::: nBlog ::: Yesterday while I was driving to Helsinki-Vantaa airport, I got a simple SMS message from Finnair, asking whether I wanted to upgrade to

50/60 Hertz – Primitive Communications

::: nBlog ::: Today’s electrical grids are based on 50 or 60 Hertz alternating current (AC) in three phases, 60 degrees apart. This makes generators with