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Hype has it that most organizations must start collecting and storing vast amounts of data from their existing and new systems, in order to stay competitive. In the past this was plainly called data warehousing, but now all major consultants and analysts rave about Big Data. 

So what has changed? Apart from IT marketing, not much. Existing databases have been beefed up with enormous hardware and some fresh innovations (like Apache Hadoop) have arrived to try to overcome the limitations of legacy SQL behemoths. 

But a database is just a database. Without algorithms and filters analyzing the data, it is just like the primordial sea before any life forms appeared. In the coming years, nearly everything around us will be generating Big Data, so collecting it to any single location or database will be increasingly hard and eventually impossible. Databases, or the sea of data around us, will be highly distributed and mobile. 

When reality soon eclipses the hype in Big Data, it’ll be those algorithms and filters, and their evolving combinations which carry the largest value in any organization. 

Those entities, which we call Spimes, need a scalable, fault tolerant and highly distributed home. It is also known as the BaseN Platform. 


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