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Our new prospects, customers and even our board often ask us about our differentiators to other platforms. We can easily throw a pelthora of technical arguments, talking about our scalability, distributed architecture and fault tolerance, but these are rarely the things customers base their decisions on.

One of our genuine differences is that we get the job done, be it a mission critical situational awareness system for telecom operators, a new SaaS construction site access control service for close to one million employees, or a digital foundation for a groundbreaking rotor sail on ocean-going ships. Year after year, real industries increasingly rely on BaseN to create new digital products, adjacent or not to their existing physical products and services.

But where does this difference come from?

The primary reason is that what comes to BaseN Platform, BaseN truly calls the shots. We own and operate our network, data centers, servers, switches, routers, virtualization and everything that is necessary to maintain 100% service level to our customers. We don’t rely on third parties or software either, or refer to other people’s Service Level Agreements. We are our own Cloud, and make our own decisions on how to best serve our customers.

While outsourcing and building on others’ ‘ecosystems’ is fashionable and still attracts lot of investment, our way is different. We’re here for the real, sustainable and no-nonsense business. And we get the s*it done.

In a digital landscape often saturated with vague promises, BaseN stands out by embracing a no-nonsense approach. Our commitment to tangible results is at the core of everything we do. We understand that the technology behind the scenes is crucial, but what truly matters is how it empowers our customers. We’ve forged our path by meticulously constructing a network, infrastructure, and services that are truly ours. This self-reliance allows us to respond swiftly to challenges, tailor solutions to unique needs, and maintain the high standard of service that industries worldwide have come to trust. When we say we get the job done, it’s not just a claim – it’s a mindset ingrained in every facet of our operation. Our genuine dedication to real-world impact is what separates us from the crowd.


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