Relativity, Business and Sustainability

Relativity, Business and Sustainability

When people describe their daily lives, private aspirations, careers and businesses during the many encounters I have with them on my line of work, I often hear comparisons to different ‘authorities’. Those can be successful people or companies, schools, competitors or other kind of influencers. Sometimes this constant grading is a significant part of the person’s life, draining more energy than real actions to learn and get things done.

The problem with this kind of grading is that the ideal world does not exist other than virtually, as it is a continuously moving target. However, in today’s hyperconnected world, we’re constantly bombarded with algorithmically engineered candidates for the perfect life, career, business or mindset. Success stories are, as the name says, stories and journalists try to produce the most compelling ones to catch the ever-shortening attention span of their readers. Even a simple piece of news is now an orchestrated propaganda campaign, with a plethora of social media platforms and  other advertising money holes to be managed.

Companies are made of people, and the individual’s mindset easily takes over entire organizations. Instead of building own intellectual property and ensuring sustainable growth, even large companies are lured to endless market studies and then try to imitate the one shooting star that happens to be on the engineered spotlight. This can have devastating effect on long-term success, as the accumulated wisdom, knowledge and data are easily lost in a whim.

We at BaseN believe, and have demonstrated that it is all about own situational awareness, and the forceful maintenance and development of own core capabilities. We can be part of joint ventures, ecosystems or other combinations, but always on our terms.

This is the doctrine we’ve built BaseN with, and why we know what we’re talking about when we say that real businesses are on BaseN.


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