Bringing my.basen to the best IoT developers – BaseN workshop at Junction

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BaseN runs a workshop on my.basen, industrial grade Internet of Things development environment, at this year’s Junction Hackathon. Junction, taking place in Helsinki from November 6-8, attracts 500 of the best developers and designers to create new applications that solve global problems, e.g. connected to smart cities and healthcare.

my.basen enables developers to quickly develop massively scalable, fault tolerant, secure and globally available Internet-of-Things applications. Residing on top of the BaseN Platform, a distributed, scalable, high throughput data collection, monitoring, and analysis system, my.basen provides users and developers with their own fully secure and protected private realm in the BaseN cloud for designing, testing, prototyping, and launching monitoring and control capabilities.

Junction is a part of Slush Hacks, a congregation of hackathons that will be organized just before the hugely popular Slush conference. Junction is organized by Aalto Entrepreneurship Society.

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