BaseN starts the year with 874 000 transactions / second

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With currently processing close to one million transactions per second, BaseN offers an inherently scalable, global Internet of Things (IoT) Platform. The emergence of ubiquitous connectivity of things creates a vital need for a Platform that stores, manages and merchandises the digital master (spime) of any Thing.  

The transactions per second figure increased by 20 000 since January 2016, continuing the growth trend from previous years with more and more customers relying on BaseN Platform for their business expansion. 

BaseN Platform is powered by advanced grid computing technologies since 2001. It is the ideal fit for hosting millions of spimes – comprised of data generated by any Thing and its environment, as well as the associated complex algorithms, to analyze and, most importantly, control the Thing.  

With the Platform’s immense data processing capabilities, BaseN paves the way for easy mass customization of products and services in any industry with its secure environment for mission critical applications.

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