Transforming Europe with the Internet of Things – BaseN at Annual IoT European Summit

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The 6th Annual IoT European Summit, taking place in Brussels May 11-13, brings together key European decision makers, leading industry stakeholders and those who drive innovation through the Internet of Things forward. Pasi Hurri, CEO of BaseN, was invited as one of the speakers for the session “The Industrial Internet of Things: Using IoT to transform traditional industries”. 

The IoT transformation is happening so quickly that everyone should react and prepare for the uninvented. Pasi Hurri will emphasize the importance of Spime in enabling smart manufacturing and what profound effect it will have on a larger economic scale. BaseN takes an active role in highlighting the impact of technology on the economy, something countries simply cannot ignore. Recent other political decision making engagements of BaseN include an expert IoT discussion with the Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb and an EU leadership delegation advancing the TTIP negotiations forward. 

The Annual IoT European Summit aims at outlining current efforts made by European businesses, policymakers and other stakeholder groups to promote the Industrial Internet of Things.

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