BaseN on IoT innovation and Connected Cars at Telecom Council event

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Anders Viden, VP of Product Management at BaseN, presents BaseN’s Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities in the connected car space at an event organised by Telecom Council and Autotech Council on April 10, 2015 in Santa Clara, California. The event brings together professionals from the telecom and automobile industry to discover new technologies and to discuss where the connected car market is heading. BaseN will showcase the Connected Car Cloud Service that Infocar is building on top of BaseN Platform.

BaseN advances the connected car intelligence through spime, which encompasses digitally and remotely managing every single component in the car from the moment it is manufactured. For the car manufacturer this means increased efficiency through significantly shorter Research and Development cycles and, more importantly, taking their customer relationships to a whole new level as the service aspect of the car business is constantly growing and ever-improving.

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