SPIME2020 – BaseN’s nomad IoT event goes virtual

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BaseN is happy to announce it’s 6th annual IoT conference SPIME2020. After hosting the event in Amsterdam, Helsinki, Torino, Tallinn and Tampere, we had to adjust and move to a virtual conference this year due to the unpredicted spread of COVID-19. 

The conference will take place on November 23, starting at 12:00 EET and the registration is still open at https://www.basen.net/spime2020/

We are living in unprecedented times and we all had to adjust our routines to cope with the new normal. So, we asked ourselves – how to be a transformation leader – during a global crisis and beyond? Join us at SPIME2020 to hear more on how we can thrive together even during times of crisis.

SPIME2020 will also highlight why our business models have to be sustainable and fault-tolerant by default in order to not only survive but thrive at all given times. Come and join us to find out how to embrace the transformation from products to services and how to create leading business models and how to create new revenues streams.

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