SPIME2017: IoT for the real world

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SPIME2017, BaseN’s annual gathering of the most venturesome Internet of Things (IoT) forerunners and spime enablers, took place on September 21-22 at Casa Jasmina, the smart home of the future, in Turin, Italy. BaseN assembled customers and partners such as NCC, Nokia and Fortum, to highlight that IoT is more than a buzzword and to show that very real mission critical implementations are out there, and that much more – through spime – is yet to come. Spimes are the core of the IoT, the primary objects managing physical manifestations – unlike digital twins which are merely a virtual replica.

The keynote presentation was delivered by spime father Bruce Sterling, who created the concept already back in 2005, and Jasmina Tesanovic, political activist and woman in IoT. They illustrated the importance of the 10 IoT Commandments and how they took them into serious consideration when planning Casa Jasmina, the guest house for those testing and creating innovations around IoT, design and digitalization.

BaseN sincerely thanks all involved presenters: Andrea Barisani from F-Secure, Pirita Vainio from NCC, Yacir Chelbat-Persson from Securitas Sverige AB, Dr. Andrej Gubina from University of Ljubljana, Riitta Ståhl from Fortum, Jaakko Ala-Paavola from Etteplan, Roberto Minerva from SoftFIRE, Martti Ylikoski from Nokia, Alessandro Squatrito from Casa Jasmina, and keynote speakers Jasmina Tesanovic and Bruce Sterling.

If you are a spime expert or want to become one, get in touch with and you will be included in the planning for SPIME2018.

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