Spime driving a faster pace of change in technology – BaseN joins IoT Trade Mission to China

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The Chinese IoT market is expected to grow from 11.00 Billion USD in 2015 to 121.45 Billion USD by 2022. The Chinese Government built a strategy plan to promote innovation in manufacturing, integration of industrialization and an increased production and energy efficiency.

With the Industrial IoT being one of the fastest growing sectors in China, it is expected that about 40% of China’s 4.5 Million manufacturers will upgrade to smart factories. BaseN Platform, currently processing over one million transactions per second, is the ideal fit for the exponentially growing number of sensors and connected devices. It enables customers in any industry to transform their traditional products into digital services and embrace new business models, ranging from agriculture to automotive and from healthcare to product manufacturing.

In addition to the changes in manufacturing, about 300 cities in China will complete the digital and smart city construction during 2016-2020. BaseN plays a key role in realizing smart living. Examples include the urban apartment buildings Adjutantti and Spinelli where real time consumption and performance information to residents as well as maintenance and service companies is provided. Another BaseN-powered smart city element are the zero energy bill houses constructed by VolkerWessels throughout the Netherlands. BaseN Platform manages the entire lifecycle of the houses to control the overall and device-specific energy consumption.

About BaseN

BaseN, established 2001, is the inherently scalable computing Platform for hosting billions of spimes, the core objects of the IoT. Spime is the permanent logical brain and memory of any physical Thing. BaseN handles close to one million spime transactions per second, enabling the transformation from products to intelligent services.

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