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BaseN’s 8th annual event

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preSpime2022 series

First preSPIME2022 activity -

Content Hub

Transform Products to Services

Companies still tend to focus more on optimizing the process, and less on the customer relationships that extend beyond the transactions of products. Our President & CEO, Mr. Pasi Hurri, calls it a fire-and-forget business model.

However, today, sustainable customer relationships are essential to enterprise value. And the fire-and-forget model may no longer be applicable when the shift is now on customer experience, product and service lifecycle, and sustainability.

Now is the time to completely rethink the customer relationship, make it mass-customized and personal with today’s digital technologies.

Content Hub

This content hub is the first preSPIME2022 activity BaseN wants to bring to you.


Conferences Background


We’d want to continuously improve for you, and this is why we want to bring new approaches to SPIME2022.

SPIME2022 will have a series of preSPIME2022 activities, where we at BaseN will explore with you deeper on certain topics. The first preSPIME2022 activity is BaseN’s first ever content hub, focusing on theme: transform products to services. Get started on the content hub here! 

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BaseN brought together customers, partners and academia alike to line out the importance of the IoT and spimes. Join #SPIME2022 and take the chance to network with other like-minded professionals.

#SPIME2022 is the right platform for you to share your insights and learn from others’ best practices regarding digital adoption and digital transformation in businesses.


Why Attend SPIME 2022


Having been established in 2015, the SPIME conference has remained as an annual event organized by BaseN Corporation. The name SPIME corresponds to the concept of spime as the core of BaseN Platform – a logical and digital embodiment of anything. The term “spime” itself was first coined by Bruce Sterling in 2005, and since the spime concept plays a fundamental role in the BaseN solutions offering, the term has also been applied to name one of the most important reoccurring events for BaseN Corporation.  

You’re welcome to check out the highlights of previous SPIME conferences here 


Every year, SPIME conferences have been the platforms where we at BaseN got to gather business delegates, developers, digital enthusiasts, and anyone interested in reinventing or enhancing their businesses with digitalization. It is also the place where we got to meet and interact with driven young talents. 

If you want to have more information, to hear insights from others who are more experienced with digital transformation or you simply want to stay updated with digital adoption and digital innovation insights, SPIME2022 is the right place for you.  

If you are passionate about innovations and technology, you should definitely not miss SPIME2022! 

You can register by navigating to and filling out the registration form on this website. A spot at the event will be saved for you quickly after! 😊  

The registration information and the on-demand content of each preSPIME2022 will be updated accordingly on this website.

As registered attendees, you’ll receive email from us how to access the recording of the events.

Alternatively, you can also find the on-demand content on this website.

The time zone will be the Helsinki time zone (GMT+3).  

BaseN Corporation has taken into our consideration the different time zones of our global audiences when deciding the final time slots for the event program.

preSPIME2022 activities will mostly be carried out virtually or be provided in a digital format.

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