Smart and green growth with BaseN

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The Finnish Consulate in Los Angeles and the Finnish Chamber Of Commerce in San Diego join forces to organize a cleantech focused week, bringing together public and private customers in workshop-like events. The idea is to enable open discussion and to establish valuable customer and partner relationships. The event spans out over four days, from November 13 to November 17.

With an office in California, BaseN is already an active member of the local cleantech community. Throughout the USA, California is the frontrunner in cleantech and other states follow closely the local developments as the market size and potential are significant. There is a pressing need to find new solutions in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energy and water purification.

BaseN powers energy efficiency initiatives such as Adjutantti and Spinelli – enabling significant sustainability and performance improvements.

Another example of smart buildings enabled by BaseN Platform are the zero energy bill houses built by Volker Wessels throughout the Netherlands. BaseN Platform manages the entire lifecycle of the houses to control the overall and device-specific energy consumption and to offer full transparency about their house’s energy behavior to the tenants.

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