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A friend of mine in Boston told me about a company developing systems for detecting gunshots and quickly calculating their source coordinates and distance. Some of the recent terror attacks could surely have been better contained with technology like this widely deployed.

Unfortunately it is not only the military who needs these innovations today. A similar system I saw 20 years ago was already pretty good in calculating slow, ballistic mortal shell trajectories, but it was hugely expensive and impractical to any civilian environment.

As usual, we ended up contemplating what could be done with thousands of these sensors, readily connected so that most calculations would be done in our Platform. Having a network of these would create an unprecedented tactical overview in real time for the field commander who needs to manage these horrendous events.

Thinking the solution in a Platform-centric Spime way results in continuous innovation, as happened already in our too brief discussion. How about adding gas, pathogen and CO2 probes to the same devices, utilizing the same comms channel? With hardware using a modular architecture like our Platform, this could be prototyped in a couple days, while a new product revision can be out in a month.

As usual with Spimes, the merchandise will be running on the Platform, continuously improving. I’ll be visiting Boston very soon again.


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