Security Awareness – Strengthening Measures in the Wake of DHS Breach

Security Awareness

In the wake of the recent cybersecurity breach that targeted the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and other US government agencies, the vulnerabilities exposed highlight the critical need for enhanced security awareness in safeguarding networks and systems within critical infrastructures. This breach, which exploited a seemingly innocuous update server of SolarWinds, a reputable network monitoring software provider, underscores the imperative for organizations to fortify their defense mechanisms against evolving cyber threats.

The SolarWinds Incident:

The breach revealed that the attackers infiltrated through SolarWinds’ update server, a component that is traditionally considered secure and trustworthy. BaseN, as a company actively engaged in collecting data from similar sources for large-scale customers, recognizes the inherent challenges in securing service and update channels to customer premises. This acknowledgment has prompted BaseN to maintain a meticulous and complex approach, incorporating multiple authorizations, safeguards, extensive accounting, and logging mechanisms.

Challenges in Simplifying Update Channels:

Despite the temptation to simplify the update process through automatic tunneling to a centralized gateway, BaseN has refrained from adopting such measures. The concern lies in the vulnerability of a central controller to replication or spoofing when accessed by attackers with global routing capabilities, a risk commonly exploited by state-sponsored actors. This cautious approach underscores BaseN’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of security.

BaseN’s Defense Philosophy:

Recognizing that no connected environment is entirely impenetrable given sufficient resources, BaseN adheres to a defense philosophy inspired by its military roots. The strategy involves making any potential cyber attacks as visible and costly as possible. This is achieved through the meticulous collection and analysis of data from all internal systems and networks, ensuring a level of paranoia in proportions. The internal data is stored in real-time across multiple data centers, making it exceptionally challenging for attackers to cover their tracks.

The recent cybersecurity breach serves as a stark reminder that organizations must remain vigilant in their efforts to enhance security measures continually. BaseN’s commitment to a robust defense strategy, coupled with its reluctance to compromise on the complexity of update channels, exemplifies the dedication required to mitigate cyber threats effectively. As the digital landscape evolves, maintaining a proactive and adaptive security stance is paramount in safeguarding critical infrastructures from sophisticated attacks.


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