Saving More with Less: Vantaan Energia and BaseN bring effortless energy awareness and real savings

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With construction and energy companies striving to offer increasingly sustainable, smart and safe living options to residents, BaseN paves the way for them to roll out sophisticated energy management systems cost efficiently. The latest implementation took place in the two Spinelli apartment buildings constructed by NCC, one of the leading construction companies in Northern Europe, in Vantaa, Finland. The integration of BaseN’s groundbreaking analytics with the energy price forecasting service provided by Vantaan Energia enables the buildings` residents to achieve savings. 

BaseN realizes an apartment specific, real-time, electricity and water energy management system for all the 58 apartments in the Spinelli houses. The consumption information is also stored and analyzed historically and the apartments’ residents gain insights into their consumption behavior through customer portals accessible from smartphones, tablets or computers. Vantaan Energia also provides the residents with real-time information on the energy price at a specific point in time, as well as with a pricing forecast for the following day, allowing the users to optimize their energy usage. 

BaseN’s Internet of Things platform also brings enhanced safety to the Smart Home. The apartments’ residents are notified via SMS if electricity or water is consumed in their apartments abnormally while no one is at home. This allows early detection of e.g. water leakages and preventing potential risks. 

Another unique feature of the apartments is the ability to compare one’s family’s electricity and water consumption with other families of the same size living in Spinelli. All the provided information is anonymous and the participation in the comparison is voluntarily. Residents of Adjutantti, an apartment building with BaseN`s energy management system implemented three years ago, indicated that such a feature would be highly appreciated. 

Spinelli is a great example for big impact and new innovative user experiences with basic technology investments. Three of the Spinelli apartments will be open for visitors at the annual Finnish Housing Fair, taking place in Vantaa between July 10 and August 9, 2015 and the lucky new tenants will move in right after the fair. 

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