Responda 113 and BaseN co-operating to develop Internet of Everything solution

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Responda 113, a Finnish alarm monitoring center service provider, has begun cooperation with the international Internet of Things (IoT) platform provider BaseN. The integration of the Responda 113 alarm monitoring system and the BaseN platform will result in a robust system for capturing, analyzing and recording near-real-time data. The scalability and reliability of the BaseN Platform enables connecting any sensor, automation system, wrist computer, or other alarm system for processing within Responda 113’s alarm monitoring system. 

Responda 113 is an industrial Internet service company. By concentrating customers’ 24/7 monitoring and response services Responda 113 provides real-time situational awareness and control, allowing real-time response to equipment failure and even preventive response to potential risks. Responda 113 is not affiliated with security or maintenance companies; service providers are selected locally and based on the clients’ needs. 

Responda 113’s new system will be able to quickly and reliably analyze and process alerts from heterogeneous, unrestricted sources from any industrial domain. The BaseN Platform will provide the interface to systems and equipment control. This co-operation between BaseN and Responda 113 will revolutionize the real-time knowledge-based machine and equipment control process, automatizing the information flow and reporting and providing sophisticated ability to react appropriately to domain specific situations. 

“BaseN platform will accelerate our ability to integrate with customers’ systems and provide real-time alarm monitoring and controlling services. We will also be able to provide real-time operations, preventive measures, and service optimization to current BaseN solutions users”, says Petri Kokkonen, CEO of Responda 113. 

“Co-operation with Responda 113 presents us with an interesting opportunity for the application of our data collection platform, utilizing its key features: reliability, scalability and fault tolerance. We are looking forward to further development of our cooperation with Responda 113, which will benefit both our Finnish and international customers”, – says Jukka Paananen, Vice President of Sales at BaseN. 

For more information, please, contact Petri Kokkonen, President and CEO, petri.kokkonen(at), 0500 481 818 

Responda 113 Oy  

Responda 113 provides advanced 24/7 alarm monitoring services. 113 collects monitoring services into one central monitoring facility. In addition to alarm monitoring, the company provides information security, critical infrastructure control, property maintenance, remote equipment management and system management services. Responda 113 has a security business license and is approved by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services to operate as an emergency response center. The company operations meet the requirements of both the previous CEA4036 standard and the new SFS-EN 50518 standards. Responda 113 operations are ISO 9001 and ISO 4001 certified. Responda 113’s technology is based on Insta Response system produced by Insta DefSec, soon to be employed by the Finnish Emergency Response Centre Administration as well. For more information on our services please visit 


BaseN is a mature Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider. With 13 years in continuous development, BaseN provides an extremely scalable, fully distributed, resilient, secure, and combined real-time monitoring and control platform for ICT, M2M, and Internet of Things (IoT) domains. The BaseN service solution collects data, submits it to long term storage, analyzes it for key features, and presents it to stakeholders, all in real time. The platform is designed for adaptability and integrates with numerous third-party systems. BaseN is an international company founded in 2001, with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland. The company has over 50 key customers and partners operating in more than 80 countries. BaseN’s system currently receives about 30 million measurements per minute and supports interaction with nearly 4000 different devices. For more information, please visit our website: 

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