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After spending a couple of busy days in an Internet-of-Things conference, presenting and participating in panels, I couldn’t help thinking of redefining BaseN marketing slogans – “BaseN. Real Customers. Real Revenue. Operational global platform”. Or simply “We’re Real”. But maybe we just upgrade “Millions of..” to “Billions of..”

There were many references to 1-3 year old startups showing 1-2 IoT examples, utilizing existing, monolihic and legacy databases and protocols. Scalability, however, is not something that can be developed just in time – it has to be architected and engineered in from the beginning. And continuously maintained.

IoT will not become a real business enabler without Spimes. They too need to be engineered with new principles which extensibly cover and adapt to present and future capabilities. Throttles and bottlenecks must continuously be hunted down and removed. They key ability of a platform provider is to always prepare for customer’s massive success, both financially and technologically.

We are in a position where we totally control our platform up from the server hardware level all the way to the tiniest mobile front end, without any third party license or service dependencies. This means that we can build an unprecedented business case to the largest industrial companies, as well to small startups who plan to introduce a global IoT product/service reaching Facebook and Twitter customer/user numbers.


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